Writers Strike - Heroes (again)

Despite the many talents of the other Hero Huskies, the humans continue to be stupid (what a shock), so more HULA members must unleash their inner talents and help rid the earth of stupid people.
Khyra, the appointed husky in charge of changing the stupid human alphabet and ridding it of redundant letters to make it simpler, such as deleting the pesky and worthless letter "C" using her sweet brown eyes to melt every human that looks into them.

Super puppy Juneau learned the art of flying at an early age. When not cruising the skies with Turbo, smacking stupid humans on the head, Juneau flies around looking for humans carrying food products in those silly "green" grocery bags, swoops down and steals them, then shares the goodies with his pack after he picks out the good stuff.


  1. Khorporal Khyra reporting for duty!

    Yes - C's khan be replaced by Kh's

    Tukhker has suggested 'q's khan go away as well!

    Yes, my big browns do tend to melt the masses!

    I feel SOOOO honoured and special! I've made it to a Khween Meeska blog!

    NOW I khan sleep happy!

    Keep up the good fight!

    Wuv and Wags,


  2. Congrats on the recognition to Khyra & Juneau! Who would have ever thought such a cute cuddly looking pup could have such pawsome super powers? Kween Meeshka, you are truly superb in your delgation of husky powers, and you know your subjects so well. We bow to you,
    Chili, Cracker, Mikki & Bama


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