Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shameless Plug for a Pet Hotel

We’ve all been there. The humans have to go out of town for some stupid reason or another and we find ourselves in a cage until they come back. Now, if you are lucky the reason they dump you at the kennel is for some uncomfortable, unhappy reason, and not because they’ve gone off to some fancy hotel, relaxed, ate good food and had a great time while you languish on a cold cement floor with other dogs barking at you.

Well, those days are now over, no more excuse to dump you off at one of those conventional “kennels”. Archaic, cold, unloving with their cement floor, wire cages, hollow ear piercing barking, no privacy to poop without everyone watching you. Now your humans can take you to the four star pet hotel of the elite, yes, our time has come to vacation in the lap of luxury when the humans can’t take you with them... if you live in California.

The Wag Hotels in California offer comfy rooms with nice furniture to lounge on, playgroup time, breakfast and dinner, and classical music in your room to relax to. In the luxury suite you get a plasma tv, couches and premium beds, and classical music.

For added fees, your humans can get you some swim time in the pool, one on one play time, group play time, and even a massage, yes, a MASSAGE!

I checked out the prices and seriously, for just a little bit more than the humans would pay for a crappy cement floor, chain link fence crappy kennel, they can give you the luxury that you truly deserve. Tell them that you would be much happier at the Wag Hotel, and that you would be so well cared for that they would be able to enjoy their time away from you without the usual guilt they experience.

So, if you happen to be in the California area and need a place to stay, go check out the Wag Hotels (check the site for locations and reservation information), and tell them that Meeshka sent you... because I fully expect to get a big whopping discount for me and the gimpies when we come out there for whoring the place on my Web site.



  1. Looks nice........ but I'm not seeing any money back guarentees if there's no snow during your stay. Not sure how I feel about that.


  2. Fabulous! Can humans stay, too? (It looks better than the dorm I stayed in during college!)

  3. You can also search Pet Paradise & Bark Avenue. We've got several of the Pet Paradise places around us now, that's where we stayed when mom & dad went to AridzonA last year. Very similar digs but they didn't have to pay extra for pool & play time, it came as part of the package. And, the one south of us in St. Augustine boards rescues at a discount for our local rescue group, SHRF.
    Ok, now we want our discount the next time we stay there.
    Bama & the RHP

  4. There's a similar thing in Montreal. You even get your own tv, I think! Mommy was a little amazed to see that... She grumbled something about it being nice having family to take care of me when she's gone.


  5. But I don't watch TV?