Thursday, December 23, 2010

Heaven Needed Another Angel

Christmas seems to be a tough time in my household.  Traditionally its all about the birth of Jesus, the winter solstice, or simply a time to show your appreciation of your loved ones and friends with gifts, but in our household it has come to symbolize a time of loss or tribulation.

My humans lost their beloved Nakidka near Christmas in 2000.

The Bionic Hip puppy, Sam, became the Spineless Bionic Hip puppy Sam on Christmas day 2006.

This year, we've all lost a good friend and fellow HULA operative Opy.

I first "met" Opy through the Interwebs in 2006.  A stunning black lab named after the multimillionaire television talk show host, Opy was just as rich and generous as her namesake, not in money, but in love and commitment to her friends.

During my first blogathon, Opy and Charlie stayed up with me all night and helped me with material and moral support.  They even made me a cool button to use for Blogathon 2007, and once again stayed up with me to help me stay awake when the human woman conked out early.

Opy and Charlie (with the help of their humans) created Dogs With Blogs, which not only allowed dogs from all over the world to connect and network, but also helped raise money for poor dogs all over the place that couldn't afford computers... or just needed some kind of help. 

Through their site I was able to make even more friends and cultivate more HULA operatives and learn a thing or two.  One of the most important things about Dogs With Blogs is that although a dog's life may be short (compared to a human life-span) their blog lives on long after they are gone, they continue to live through their words and pictures, and therefore they live on in our hearts.

Opy and Charlie started a movement.  Bringing together the dog blogging community and leaving an everlasting footprint on the interwebs for others to sniff out later, and relive the lives of good dogs who were loved, who loved their humans, and bring a smile to someone's face, long after those footprints have been walked.

We'll miss you Opy.  Forever in our hearts, until we meet again... across the Rainbow Bridge.



  1. Meeshka...what a bootiful tribute!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  2. What a terrific post. We were so saddened when we saw the news yesterday on FB.

  3. So terribly sorry for the loss of Opy. What a beauty! Anytime losing a a furpal is so difficult, but especially so during the holiday season. Our thoughts go out to all of Opy's family and friends - both human and canine. A truly moving tribute.

  4. Bravo!!!

    Another pawesome post befitting the star she is, was, and always will be!!!


  5. So sorry for the loss of your friend, Opy. We learned of her passing last night from Khyra. :(

  6. It seems so unfair right here at Christmas. But like you said, Heaven needed a bright little Angel to shine in the sky. I think everyone knows the pain of losing a pet...and it hurts us to the core of our souls. Thank you for this wonderful post.

    Painter Pack

  7. We are all so sad about Miss Opy. She is running free now, but we have to wait to see her again.


  8. Opy and Charlie created a community of love and friendship. That legacy will live on long after we have all met at the bridge to play with them.

    We will be thinking of their family at this difficult and sad time.

    Holly and Khady

  9. Beawootiful post, Meeshka, a loving tribute to an amazing doggie. She will be greatly missed, but as woo pointed out, we can still go read her blog posts & see her sweet face again!

  10. Mum is still sad because she knew Opy personally :(

  11. Thank you so much for this post - i know I am late in seeing it - but it means so much that you posted it.

    I miss her so much.