Saturday, December 18, 2010

New HULA Operative: Miss Moo

The outpouring of HULA-ness is overwhelming!  I'm so happy to hear that covert activities were being performed even while our cell was napping.  Please join me in welcoming Moo to the HULA Hoop.  With such a clever operative as this, and all of you other Hoop members, we are sure to take over the world from the clueless humans!

Dear Queen Meeshka,

Moo here, applying for HULA membership.

1. Disruptive behavior- I like to grab Jack by the ears and drag him on the ground till he screams like a little girl.  Disrupts the humans from doing whatever it is they're doing every time. There's several videos of me doing this on our blog, but mom edits out the sound so people don't think Jack's a big wuss, even though he is.

More disruptive behavior:   I've been conduction an experiment:  I get under mom's elbow & shove it up with my snooter when she's trying to draw on the computer thingy.   I do this at least a dozen times a day.  I've been studying her reaction, and it appears to become more irritating and disruptive the more times I do it to her.   I think this move gets a 4-paws up.

2. Human freak-outs....
I ate Jack's stuffie husky head about 3 days after they brought me home.   I horka-d' it up and mom found an eyeball looking at her.  She found the other eyeball poop-scooping.   They freaked all right.   Hey, how should I know you aren't supposed to eat the darn things?   I've never had a stuffie before.  Tasted like chicken.  

 I got in trouble for trying to swallow a mouse I caught on our walk the other day.   Judging from mom's reaction, attempting to swallow small furry creatures if cause for a spectacular  human freak out.  

3. Destroy something - did ya catch my Monday View from the Moo this week? 

4.  Human behavior modification:   I have successfully trained my human to be a light sleeper.   I repeatedly demonstrated that if she doesn't get up to let me out at 2 am, she will be washing the floor in front of the door again.

5.  I will have to substitute something for  #5.  I will not put up with being dressed in clothing.  Period.  

6.  Love of kleenex.... so snack bar wrappers count too?   I love to sneak them outside to lick all the bits of chocolate off them.  Yeah, I know about chocolate & dogs, but I like to live dangerously.   Wooos, even more than paper products, I like to eat roses.  I'll attach a "before " picture, about 20 minutes later all that was left were a few half-chewed petals on the ground.   Mom gave up on keeping that rose bush alive, she chopped it down. 

Hope this covers it, looking forward to joining the ranks of HULA operatives!

toodle woo,
miss moo


  1. We need to work on our application

  2. Yeah for the Moo!!! We is in da same club now!!!


  3. Woo-hoo! Oh thank woo, Meeshka!
    I've become one of the few... the proud...the HULA Hoop!

    miss moo, ready when duty calls.....

  4. Welcome to the HULA hoop Miss Moo!

  5. She's a natural!

    Welkhome Miss Moo!


  6. BTW, have woo seen Pele's applikhation!?!

    She did some furry nice work!


  7. Congraulations Miss Moo!

  8. Well deserved my friend!!! You do excellent work!

    Khady Lynn