Friday, December 24, 2010

New HULA Member: Pele

Hi Meeshka,

This is Pele. I am a 1 year old Siberian Husky. I want to submit my application for membership in H.U.L.A. I believe that I have the traits to become a good member of your organization. Here are my qualifications:

1) Disruptive Behavior
Not sure what type of disruptive behavior you are looking for. My Human family call me Psycho Pup, I am the Queen of the Zoomies. I also torture my sister Siberian Husky Georgie. I can run circles around her. You can check out the video Mom posted to our blog.

As you can see in the video, I can run circles around, over and under Georgie. It is not really disruptive, but it is FUN.

I also steal the human teen girl's socks and run around the house with them. I do this so I can get a COOKIE.

2) Cause Humans to Freak Out For No Reason
These humans around here do not freak out so easily. It is really tough to get them to do this. The only time they - or I should say Mom - freaked out was when I got loose after they reconfigured the front gates. I slipped out under the fence that goes up the stairs. She was screaming, and screaming at me - until she remembered that I like COOKIES.

3) Destroy Something.
I am very good at this. There are numerous items I have destroyed, things like: socks, my beds, coasters, toothpicks, rug, I put a hole in the carpet and an assortment of other things. I also destroyed the sofa by using the back of it as a springboard when I get the zoomies. Again you can check out our blog to see some of the items I have destroyed.

Check the following blog archives as well:

4) Human Behavior Modification.
My humans modified their front gate so that we could go out front without a tie out. Well, I still have to use the stupid tie out because I can slip out under the fence. They tried to come up with some sort of idea on how to keep me in, but because it is an iron railing over concrete steps, they have not yet figured it out.

There is also a baby gate across the bottom of the stairs to keep me down on the first floor.
Also last years' Christmas Tree was modified because of me. Mom usually has this huge tree, all decorated in white (to symbolize snow and ice), but if you check out the blog archives, you will see the difference in the Christmas Trees.
5) Humans Dress You Up
After Thanksgiving Tales. She put these stupid antlers on us and actually took photos. And then to add insult to injury, she made Christmas Cards out of these pictures and actually send them out!!! How humiliating.

6) Love of Kleenex
I don't usually get my paws on the Kleenex, but I do get the Q-tips from the bathroom trash!! I also counter surf and get my paws on napkins.  Under The Deck Day Two. There is a photo of my handwork with a napkin.

Well Meeshka, there you have it.
I hope you will accept me into the ranks of your H.U.L.A organization.
Pele, the Psycho Pup

Welcome to the HULA Hoop Pele!


  1. We welcome woo with open paws!!! Let the destruction continue!!

    Mya Boo Boo

  2. I knew from the moment I read Pele's post she was HULA Worthy!



  3. Woo-hoo! Another pawfect HULA candidate! Welcome!

    jack & moo

  4. Excellent potential for such a young age! Welcome to the Hoop Pele!!!

    Khady Lynn

  5. Wow Pele! You have impressive credentials. Welcome to the HULA hoop.

  6. Congratulations, Pele! We are sure you have an illustrious career ahead of you as a member of HULA.

  7. Thank Woo EveryPup and Doggie, I am glad to be here!!!!