The Fearless Mutatoe Strikes Again

If you are one of my fans (and I don't know why you wouldn't be), then you are familiar with the many brave feats of the fearless Mutatoe.

In case you've forgotten, here's a refresher:

Mutatoe versus the stuffed lab at the vet:

Mutatoe versus hypothetical blow up sheep in Uncle Jack's guest room :

Mutatoe versus the big rat snake in the back yard:

Yesterday the area rug attacked him... so it should come as no surprise....




  1. Umm... Loki? A rug? I mean ... a rug? Sigh. Are you OK, buddy?
    Play bows,

  2. I have to agree with the AO4...a rug? Are you kidding me? I, patches, have been afraid of a lot of stuffs, but not a rug. Besides, if you just shake the s**t out of it, it goes away...usually to the other end of the room. I'm just sayin'...


  3. Steve1:23 PM

    I am sure the rug lied.

  4. Maybe he just needs glasses... no other rational explanation.

    jack & moo

  5. Anonymous2:15 PM

    All Loki's are alike. Wanna be-bullies but big chickens. sigh.

  6. Dear Mutatoe -

    The rest of The Herd laughs at me, too, but when that ski jacket invaded the house by - brace yourself - sliding a little bit on the table, all of them just ran around the room like nothing happened. I stood my ground and . . . Ok, ok, I cowered in the corner, but I barked and growled ferociously at it.

    Sometimes, we brave souls are just misunderstood.

    Qannik (aka Q-Tip)

  7. Teddy and I could give the Mutatoe lessons on how to tame that rug. WE both regularly beat the bathroom rug into submission.

  8. Anonymous5:20 PM

    We've never had to fight a rug. It might be harder than it looks....

  9. Well, those rugs can be vicious!


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