Hello My Name is Casey

 Hello everyone, my name is Casey

Full on snuggly and mellow act going on here

It has come to my attention that I'm expected to "blog". I'm pretty sure this wasn't in my contract.

I come from a small family in Pennsylvania and lived in a pretty swanky house with my mom and siblings for a while. My mom's human was very nice and gave us some tips to secure the best accommodations. As my siblings were a lot bigger and stockier than I was, she suggested that I go with the "snuggly and mellow" act, and sure enough, these two people showed up and wanted a snuggly and mellow puppy, and they also pulled up in one of those fancy Tesla X cars with the wing doors, so boy did I put on a show. I didn't chew on them (although they did smell quite tasty) and simply licked their faces and pretended to fall asleep in their arms and BOOM contract signed, money handed over.

I had to wait a week to go home with them because I needed shots and other torture, but bright and early that next week they came back, put a silly harness thing and leash on me, rubbed my mom with a delicious fluffy toy with a heartbeat and carried me like the princess I am into their swanky car.

I made sure to wait until we were a few miles away before TOTALLY FREAKING OUT because a girl's gotta pee what with all this excitement.  I was sitting in the woman's lap and may have grabbed her hand with my lovely sharp milk teeth and holy crap she bleeds easily. She is now known as "The Bleeder". 

So then the guy (now known as Mr. Toast, more on that later) found a quaint little park to stop and got me out a lovely little picnic basket full of my food and a little water bowl and we all sat and enjoyed the park for a while and I snacked a bit and The Bleeder put on some bandaids.

After I was tuckered out from the snack and excitement, we continued our journey to a place called Land of Merry and my new home.

Snack, blood letting, time for a nap

Once there, I was introduced to "my yard", which was a bit of a disappointing mess because these people used to have huskies (and I'm told I have some very big paws to fill) so their fence was wonky and the yard was not up to secure husky standards, so I had to be leash walked. Yards are not impressive from the end of a leash... these humans also can't skitter quickly.

This is some serious crap yard

Inside is much better, as these humans seemed to have bought out an entire toy store for me (as well as they should) and had some very comfy bedding.

I especially liked the lamy
More on Lamy in a bit

I turned on my powers of adorability in case there was some sort of legal loophole where they could take me back once they found out my true nature within a few days. I call this the snap, roll, and snack maneuver. 

I have my own food and water bowl with tasty foods in it, plenty of toys, lots of snacks, lots of play, and The Bleeder is really good at throwing my squeaky toys and then... bleeding when I 'mistake" her hand for the toy.

What more could a puppy want...

maybe a cleaner yard with a better fence so I don't have to wear this get-up.


  1. CASEY!!!!!!!!
    We've been admiring your fluffy self on FB and Instagram (you know how to log on to your biped's account, right?) and were hoping you'd start blogging. We just wanted to say "welcome" and we can't wait to be friends!
    Mags and Ragnar

  2. Welcome to our world Casey! I’ve got a few Malamute tricks up my hairy sleeve to teach you. I also know more about being #Impudent than my Bipeds ever guessed was possible.
    We need to get you a hashtag of your own!
    Ilsa the #Impudent

  3. Welcome!

    How khool you started your life in PAWSylvania before moooooving to Merryland!

    I've met The Bleeder and Mr. Toast -

    You are in pretty good paws!

    Of course, you've many items to add to your To Chew And Do list if you plan on making it in The HULA!



    NAK's Human

  4. What a cutie patootie you are, Casey!!! You have some pretty big paws to fill after those who came before you. You are very lucky to have found yourself a wonderful home.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber


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