Social Butterfly

 I had an exciting day last week!

Bleeder and Toast took me to a big building with lots of loud bicycles. They called it "socialization". I approve of this socialization thing because it was fun.

It started out with Toast going into the big building while Bleeder walked me on the very soft grass. It was not a good pee experience, as the grass was a little too tall and tickled delicate po-po area. It also hid the dead cicadas from me. I could smell them... couldn't find them, so disappointing.

Then we walked all around the big building. There was another puppy in the window that looked just like me. Very beautiful puppy, long legs, dreamy eyes, a real good looker.

Some people came riding the very loud bicycles and the Bleeder kept me away from them, but close enough to watch. At first I didn't really like the loud noise, but curiosity got the better of me as they got closer and parked. Wasn't that scary after all.

We walked some more around the building, but I wasn't able to snorfle any of the plentiful dead cicadas. The Bleeder says "leave it" and I gotta leave it... even though I don't want to leave it... I try to leave it... but tasty.

Then we went into the building! Lots of people ooooh'd and awwwwwed at me and came over to pet me, and I was on my best behavior and didn't torpedo anyone in the nether regions or scratch and claw them. One guy even showed the Bleeder his husky (who was stunning) and he clearly knew how to handle me!

The Bleeder and I went shopping around the store. I tried to point out some clothes that would be an improvement over the Bleeder's typical sleepy pants and bloody t-shirt attire. Just because she's home, she could dress up a bit better and not look like roadkill. I tried to steer her more to the orange and red spectrum clothing to hide all of the blood she spontaneously leaks after I chew or claw her. 

Then we went into an office, where Toast was getting some kind of warranty thing on his loud bicycle. It took a long time, so I scoped out some of the other loud bicycles in the shop, trying to hint that a side-car would be a nice addition so I could ride along... pair of doggles, perhaps a jaunty scarf blowing in the breeze.

I'd make that look good

No, seriously, does that come in red to match my furs?

Finally I decided to make myself at home if this was going to drone on for a while

Human stuff is SOOO boring. When do we get to tear something apart?

It was pretty hot outside and what with the laps around the building, I figured a nap might be in order.

Then I noticed that paperwork lady had some pretty cool shoes...

Those look like some tasty laces... it would be a shame if something were to happen to them

When we got home I lay on my favorite kitchen vent and it grabbed my collar tags and tried to kill me. It was worth it watching the humans totally freak out. They didn't seem to care that I broke the vent... more air gets blown onto my belly anyway, so I don't think it's broken, I'd say I made an improvement.

So nobody worries, my collar is only on when the humans are home and I'm supervised. I go naked in my crate. They had me in a very stylish break-away collar and you know what... I figured out how to get out of it and chew on it... because I'm smart like that.

In other news, I've lost quite a few of my baby teeth, there's three in a baggie (for some strange reason) in the pretty cabinet of wonderful smells of puppers past. The Bleeder is very pleased each time one comes out. Something about not looking like she fell arms first in a wood chipper.

I also discovered the magic of CHEESES!

Cheeses? Yes Pleases!

I'm also working through some issues, namely a soccer ball...

... and a duck...

... and a coffee table

Does this picture make my butt look big?

That's it for this week. Next week, I discover the wonders of showering with the Bleeder!



  1. Epic Casey as usual. Keep it up

  2. Some of those BIG NOISY BIKES are crafted/created/ in your home state - and quite close to me!

    I'm so glad Bleeder and Toast - LLC now have you to keep them occupied - me thinks they were stranded in MEHyland before woo!


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