Sunday, June 06, 2021

It's All in the Family

 There seems to be a lot of talk on the Socials about how fast I'm growing. 

Well, it's true, the Bleeder says I'm like a weed and take after my mom. My mom is tall and lanky and leggy, and has such a bubbly personality. My dad, it is said (since I never got to meet him) was more stocky and floofy.

Mom went on a blind date to the gentleman's house and we were all conceived... or so we thought.

When the DNA tests came back, guess who had a different father from the rest of the litter... yep.

It seems that there were two gentlemen at the sleep-over and my mom took a shining to the other gentleman and unbeknownst to the "hotel" mom escaped from the honeymoon suite and snuck over to the other gentleman's room, and they had a quick little visit, so short that the concierge felt certain that no shenanigans could have occurred...  

Thus, my middle name is Shenanigans... or MotherHussy, or GET OFF OF MY TOE, or more frequently OMG I NEED ANOTHER BANDAID.

My real daddy was also lanky and leggy, and explains why all of my brothers and sisters looked like floofy mack trucks while I'm a petite little flower.

One of these things is not like the others

Having tall parents puts me at a HUGE leg up (get it) on counter surfing (my new favorite past time) 

Is that for me? I'm sure that's for me

I know that's for me Bleeder, give it to me

In other news, I've discovered THE SHOWER!!!!
The shower is wonderful... as long as it's not for me.
I get halfway in the shower and snap at the water, and stomp on whatever bare feet happen to be in the way, and then I pull the curtains aside like out of Psycho...

They also have these spongey things that they make foam up and those look like great fun, so there's some amount of snapping at them while the humans wipe with them... which explains why I'm no longer allowed in the bathroom when they take showers. I really want to get into the shower then, but the door is shut, so I tried ripping my way through and now there's a barrier of rugs to keep me from ripping up the carpet. These people and their rules.

I also love ice cubes

and Cicadas... I LOVE cicadas! I love them so much that I have to be leashed walked or else I make the yard my buffet and then have ghastly accidents in the house.

More on that, my Sticky Bunny, the buttons, and other interesting tidbits that I just haven't gotten around to telling in my next installment.


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Bahahaha Casey you rule