Sunday, January 23, 2022

How I Spent My Birthday

 I turned 1 year old on Friday. It wasn't the party I had planned.

I was expecting some cake, balloons to chase and pop, perhaps a squirrel jumping out of the cake to chase and pop... or is that a weasel, either way, a furry creature jumping out of a cake that I could chase and pop would have been on my list of things to do at my party. Other puppies would have been nice. It's fun to share cake, weasel jumping out of cake popping with other puppies... except I wouldn't share my sticks, or other toys with other puppies. I don't even share those with Bleeder and Toast, which explains why some of my toys have disappeared, but anyways... I didn't get any of that.

I had to sit in my crate for four long hours with a single stuffed kong bone and a chew bone because instead of pooping outside like normal beings, the humans had to have the floor under their porcelain water bowl replaced.

Note the ghastly 80's tile and Bleeders lack of attention to detail and laziness on painting behind things

I was able to come out once on a leash to sniff the repair guy, who was very nice and knew how to deal with the excited leaping of a 1 year old birthday girl just happy to get SOME attention on her birthday.

Apparently there's more work to be done, so the porcelain bowl has to be gated off to keep it from running away and the nice man is coming back Monday to finish the gig.

I mean, come on, check out the total laziness paint job there. Can't be bothered to move a cabinet Bleeder?
Appropriately shamed, Bleeder painted the wall.

It looks weird because the paint isn't dry, it looks normal now

Also appropriately shamed, Bleeder went grocery shopping and bought me some new toys. I now have a pig and a crinkly ball.


Bleeder and Toast also played with me a lot outside, and Bleeder suited up and let me leap and jump on her, so that was fun.

It's still too frozen to dig holes, all of the tasty things are frozen to the ground, and there's no snow, so we've been doing a lot of inside play. I also go downstairs to help with the laundry, but they won't let me come downstairs to supervise their going to the bathroom in the downstairs porcelain bowl. All I hear is a lot of complaining about having to go downstairs to do that... seriously? They make me run down the deck stairs to my spots every time and they can't be bothered to walk down a flight of stairs? How about going in the yard with me? It's dark out there... and cold... and sometimes there's a disturbing po-po breeze... try that sometime!

There are new interlopers in my yard. Bleeder calls them "doves", and they appear to be stupid, so I think I stand a good chance at getting one of them.

I'll let you know when I nab one. I'm not sharing that with anyone.

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