Wake Up

 Every morning my automated feeder (that I refuse to eat out) dispenses my kibble at 0500.

Every morning, whether a work day or weekend, I'm forced to take drastic action to roll Toast or Bleeder out of bed in order to warm my food bowl, dry it, pour my kibble from the dispenser bowl into my warmed food bowl into a small pile in the middle of my bowl, then sprinkle the correct amount of cheese on the top of my mound of kibble and place it in my chosen food bowl spot.


Yesterday I had to take drastic action.

Bleeder refused to wake up, even though I did my "I'm so flippin adorable with my ears pinned back and tail wagging as I lay on your chest and lick your face" routine. She just pulled the covers over her head, rolled over and told me to wake up Toast.


I had to get to Toast to lick him awake, but he has this gigantic long pillow that keeps me from getting to him by stepping in the middle of the bed, so my only choice was this.

For some odd reason, this was not acceptable to Bleeder. Look, I can't help it if my nails scraped your face, this wouldn't have happened if you just got up and fed me properly.


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    It’s a rough world - for all.


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