Just Checking In

 Pretty uneventful week so far.

I'm still getting used to not having a fun tree to chase squirrels up. 

Initially they came into the yard, but then got very confused about where the tree went and how to get over the fence to the safety of the neighbor's shed roof.

I almost felt bad for them, because they wandered around aimlessly, seemingly forgetting that the world's best squirrel stalker was sneaky sneaking up to them. I could see their little pea sized brains melting trying to figure things out.

I didn't feel it very sporting to take advantage of their confusion, I mean where's the fun in that? I gave them every advantage, including running up to one carrying a giant stick and it just stood there in vapor lock for a bit until Bleeder got concerned and chased it into the other tree.

Since then, they don't like coming into the yard. I can tell their spirit is broken. They don't sit there taunting me any more. The moment the deck door opens, they scatter and head for the other yards. 

In the meantime I'm having fun not only digging in the wood chip pile (that is slowly disappearing while the holes I've carefully crafted are become full of... wood chips), and also climbing on Mount Blue Tarp.

This weekend Bleeder and Toast spent most of Saturday shoveling and transporting a LOT of tasty and sniffy dirt. As Bleeder put it "Five tons of F'ing topsoil". They then put it on a blue tarp, and then covered it with another blue tarp and created a fun new adventure for me: Mount Blue Tarp. Apparently top soil sits on top of the soil on a tarp. I really don't get the humans.

They've also blocked off a corner part of the yard. That part was perfectly fine because it was full of weeds and soft dirt for me to dig into, but they felt that it needed to be raised and have grass growing on it. I'll never figure humans out. So the Top Soil goes on top of that dirt, then they throw some grass seeds and straw on it and erect a barrier. 

Here's the thing about huskies... we only want to go where we aren't allowed to go, therefore I REALLY want to get into that barrier. They had some cheese plastic fencing and that was EASY PEASY to break into. They've since erected a more sturdy barrier around it and I'm doing my best to break in. (side note, I went out while crafting this missive and breached the barrier... Toast was not happy).

Oh, the pill thing... yeah, that's going well because I'm richly rewarded for each pill I take. They have swapped to a 3 times a day pill because I don't know why, but they try to hide the pills in tasty foodables and I'm a chewer. I'll chew water. They've taught me to chew things because they didn't like how I gulped stuff, so this is what they've taught me, deal with it humans. 

This also means that we have to stay up later at night, and so far I'm fine with that because i just take a late nap before bed time... the humans... well, they were a bit bleary eyed this morning due to the FIVE TONS OF DIRT event and then going to bed later, then getting up at the crack of not even dawn yet.

I feel their bleary eyes will miss tasty things laying about which is a win-win for me.

Meanwhile, I ate the brains out of my new gigantic octopus toy and it went to a farm in Northern Pennsylvania, also known as the trash can.

So, yeah, a normal week.