May Cause Sedation

"What are the side effects of the Lee Pill" Bleeder and Toast asked the Neurologist.

Sedation was the answer.

Friday morning, after my first dose of the Lee Pill, I was very sleepy. VERY sleepy. Extremely sleepy. I was sleepy all day, and kind of wonky. 

Before all of this, they joked about my lack of coordination and lack of spacial awareness and propensity to run head first into walls, trip over my own feet, and fall up the stairs. They nicknamed me Grace, well one of my nicknames. I go by boop, Griselda Gunderson, Gladys Kravitz, OMG stop drinking my coffee, and GET OFF MY CHEST! Bleeder's favorite nickname for me is: OFFS I need another bandaid. But now I'm even WORSE?

Anyway, Toast was very concerned. What kind of life will she have if she's barely coherent, not frisky, stumbley, and not drinking our coffee? He was very upset.

He didn't have to worry, I had a VERY busy day on Thursday! I got to play outside in the morning with my favorite band-aid covered Caribou, then I did a lot of inside skittering once the clouds of smoke from Canada settled in.

Then we got all harnessed up, which is an Olympic sport around here, and my constant leaping at the door every time Bleeder touched the doorknob (she refuses to open it until I'm sitting for more than .3 seconds), then a quick walk outside (and poop) in the front yard, down the street and back while Toast prepared my ride. Then a car drive, where I appreciated the Orvis new foot pillow that gives me extra backseat sprawl space and allows me to shove my nose in the A/C vent, and snazzy Orvis back seat cover, which captures my fluffs instead of allowing them to float around like some insane snow globe. Size Large for Tesla Model X backseat, and nope, I don't get a single thing from Orvis, but I'd appreciate some of their large stuffie dog toys, just sayin.

Anyway, once we got to the hospital place, there were sniffs to be had, and peeing to be done, and walking all over because we were early, and then going into the place and it's got all the sniffs, and then there were other pups there and I wanted to meet all of them, but Bleeder said no because they were injured puppers and didn't want to be bothered, and there were people sitting without puppers so I tried to drag Bleeder to them, but she said no, they were busy being worried about their own puppers and didn't need a hot, fluff spewing nose rocket attacking them.

I was told to sit on the floor, which turned out to be a scale (devious... very devious) and then we waited. I got some bottled water from a bowl and tried to drag Bleeder all over to sniff things and go into room, and greet new people and help with the filing.

Then I got to meet some nice technicians and get scritches, and then I got to meet the doctor and got scritches and then tortured and manipulated and that wasn't fun, then after that we had to wait for the paperwork and a prescription to fill and then back outside for more walking and sniffing, and then the car ride home and holy hannah I was EXHAUSTED from all that, so yes, I took a bit of a vacation on Friday and it wasn't all the medicine. Can't a pup nap all day and recuperate?

I was even too tired to Gladys Kravitz out the window for long periods of time and was so pathetic that Toast went and got his pillow for me to lay on.

The pillow came in handy when the tree stealers came, cut down my beloved oak tree. That oak tree deposited the tastiest of dead branches ever.

I take ONE nap and this is what happens?

WAIT! I took another nap and it imploded?

For those of you wondering, the devious humans told the stump grinder guy to not go near the fence line and leave part of the tree near the fence in place so that I couldn't dig. They didn't want a big hole near the fence.


So, that was day 1 of my Lee Pill. Tune in tomorrow for day 2