Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Quick Mutatoe Update

I'm exhausted!

First of all, this morning the human woman let us out and DIDN'T FEED US BREAKFAST! She tried to sneak back into bed and hide, but I wouldn't let her. Its breakfast time, I WILL have my breakfast.

Clawing didn't seem to phase her, so I had to weasel my way in between her and the human man, then using the human man's back to push against (he wasn't very keen on that), I was able to push the human woman out of the bed. She kept the mutatoe and Sam in the bedroom and fed me my own private breakfast. Just as she went back to bed... the alarm rang. Heee.

We knew something was going on because when they usually leave for work, she bribed me with a pup-a-roni to go outside. Normally I refuse to go outside, but seeing how I literally had to threaten her for breakfast, I fell for the pup-a-roni trick. When we were let back inside, we looked out the window and sure enough, there was the human woman out there with the gimpy. We did get an extra big kong stuffed full of goodies, but that hardly makes up for the treatment I was given.

At lunch, still no gimpy. How refreshing to be able to eat my food without him hovering around me, waiting to lick my bowl like the good servant he is. More tasty kong treats when the humans left for work again... but they didn't come home at their normal time.

Dinner time came... and went, and still no humans. Sam and I were both getting a bit angry over missing dinner, when a whole hour late, the humans come back with the gimpy mutatoe. He smelled funny, and of course he tried hogging all the water. We all figured that as usual, we'd go out, do our "business" and come in for our LATE dinner feast, but NOOOO. Something about taking some time to let the gimpy mutant acclimate after his vet visit, and something about waiting for someone to deliver some food. Selfish humans.

Amazingly enough, when the food guy arrived, they actually gave us some of the tasty rice with our meager portion of food. Human woman said something about upset stomachs (ok, I was a bit worried about the gimpy, and the break in my normal routine, so I had a bit of an upset stomach), so we only got small portions. We did get another small portion an hour later.

So, the gimpy is back home and the vet place actually trimmed his lethal mutatoe nails while he was out. He's back to his goofy, dorky self, except kinda tired and has to pee a lot, but its good to have him home... because now our routine will go back to normal.

good night


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Hey H.R.F (Her Royal Fluffiness!),

Glad that Loki is okay - sounds like you might have kinda missed him just the smallest bit ? Shhh, I won't tell anyone !

Sounds like you have been through a traumatic time as well - the human woman needs to give you treats !


Dusty Doodles said...

Doodles is glad to hear that Loki is home and again your servant. Too bad about the late dinner -- but at least you got rice. Was is rice from Chinese foods?? That's the best kinda rice.

The Army of Four said...

I'm glad Loki is home! That's great! I'll bet ya missed him - but won't tell him. That's how Stormy and I are.
Did you get plain rice? With nothing on it!?!? I LOVE THAT!
Luv, Dave
PS: Why is Storm rolling her eyes at me?

Macie-Malechai said...

We're glad to hear the Mutatoe is back home, now your routine should get back to normal. Hopefully your food portions will go back to regular size soon also!

hershey the doglet said...

Meeshka I think you need to give your people the claw because you have rights! even though loki has to go to the vet and stuff that doesn't mean your needs don't need to be met. you need your routine to be the same and you need those 4 square meals a day to stay fluffy and ready to rule the world!

JustMeCopper said...

How is Loki? That part about pushing your Mom out of bed to get breakfast ....priceless!

Cubby said...

I'm glad Loki is home and you get to be back on a normal schedule!