Water falls from sky

I was highly inconvenienced last night and this morning by the fact that water was falling from the sky. This hasn't happened in quite some time, and I'm sure the human woman has something to do with it because she always announces upon opening the door "Yes, I know its raining, but you have to go out anyway".

Are you kidding me? She doesn't do her business in the rain, why should we? I think its not too much to ask for a little poop shelter in the yard where we can concentrate on our business without water squishing down our ears. Of course we would all need our own private little poop shelters, as I would never think of using Sam's or Loki's private poo areas.

I have also never understood the human's use of a perfectly good water bowl to do their business in.

The one good thing about this rain business (which the human woman refuses to stop at the moment) is that when she does stop it, there will be plenty of glorious mud for us to dig in. The ground has been oh so hard and dirty lately, too hard to dig with my tender little feet, and there haven't been any good bugs or grubs to dig up either. I'm sure now there will be, as soon as the water stops falling from the sky.

I'll be sure to post some pictures of our mud fun then.

Yours in mud


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    One of your comments has me thinking. Why do the humans get worked up over where we poop if they poop in that large ceramic water bowl?

  2. That is a good point...and yes Meeshka, I think your idea of a private poo poo shelter for every Husky is brilliant! We need to think of a way to make our demands clear...we need a bargaining chip...although, I can say from recent experience, DO NOT eat the humans' medicine, or they will FREAK OUT and take you to the vet and all kinds of uncomfortable things will happen. I am okay, but you should see on my blog how those crazy humans shaved my leg!


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