Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Food Conspiracy!

I've discovered solid evidence of a food conspiracy going on in my house.

I wrote earlier that I've smelled strange human smells on the old guy Nova's mouth after we've come in from a hard night of guarding the yard from small fuzzy creatures. Well, tonight I have almost positive proof that food is being fed to the old guy Nova while we are outside!

Case in point: potato chip remnents on Sam's bed!

The human man took Sam and showed him his bed. At first we all laughed because we thought he did something wrong and was being sent to bed, but we distinctly heard crunching sounds coming from the bedroom. The human woman wouldn't allow us to go in and investigate like we are bred to do until Sam came back out of the bedroom. Once again, he had potato chip smell on his mouth.

Loki went in to investigate and sure enough, potato chip residue on Sam's bed, on Sam's mouth, and on the old guy Nova's mouth! The nerve of them!

Loki got very upset and began yelling at Sam, and Sam yelled back at Sam, then the bouncing and posturing started. I went in to break it up because the humans weren't having much luck and Loki ran head first into the door. He yelped, and of course when the mutant little wussy yelps, the world stands still.

So, Sam and Nova old guy got potato chips, Loki bashes his head into the door and gets all sorts of attention, and here I am... with nothing!

I would protest and refuse to eat my bedtime goodies, but they'd just feed them to the old guy Nova, bionic hip Sam, or mutant pawed gimpy Loki. Sigh.

Its not easy being perfect and fluffy, I get no respect.


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