Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Whacky Weather

Last night we had ANOTHER thunderstorm! Its suppose to be snowy and quiet, but we've had nothing but sunny almost warm days, then cold days, the rainy days, then thunder days, and today it snowed a little bit, but nothing for us to play in.

As you already know probably, I DON'T LIKE THUNDER! It is very bad! I had to rake the human woman out of bed so she would go downstairs and be safe. I watched and made sure she fell asleep on the couch from the safety of my crate. Loki came downstairs after a bit (because he's a suck up) and slept on the end of the couch with the human woman, but I stayed awake (sorta) to make sure she was safe and still on the couch.

Around 2am, after the thunder had left, the old Nova guy came down and woke up the human woman by planting his cold nose on her face. She sure did jump up quick. After he went out, we all went upstairs and hogged the bed again because it was safe once more.

Thanks to my quick thinking and actions, the humans are once again safe.

I have no idea what they did before I arrived to save them.

Thunder Queen

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