Old Guy Nova

I just wanted to post really quickly that its really hard not to make fun of the old guy lately.

The human woman went out and bought him this harness thing that has handles on it to help him walk. He's not doing very well lately, and he keeps pacing and stumbling and stomping on us. We get cranky with him, but we know he's old and doesn't feel good. But its really hard not to laugh at him when he's dressed as a purse.

The human woman walks him around holding onto the handles, and I swear, it looks like she's carrying a big Nova purse.

Ok, that's really mean, he can't help it... but he does look like a purse.

(I'm cranky, my beauty sleep keeps getting interupted by the 2 hours Nova wake up calls)


  1. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Sending happy & hopeful husky vibes to Nova-guy...

  2. Awwww, poor Nova! Have some sympathy Meeshka! Although I must admit - I'd be pretty cranky too if I was being woken up every two hours.

    You know you HAVE to post a picture of the big Nove purse!

  3. I hope I look as good as Old Guy Nova when I am 16 x 7 = 112 human years old. Heck, I wish I look as good as him now.

  4. Hey Nova,

    Don't let those others make fun of you. You have earned your right to stomp on them. And that purse thingy, just tell them you are a practicin' guide dog and YOU are helpin them. That should take care of the jokes.

    Take care.




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