Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Human Linguistics

There has been much chatter on the human list about words we huskies understand. Simple humans, we understand them all, we just choose not to listen to you.

Some humans described how they had to spell out words so their huskies wouldn't know what they were talking about. Walk seems to be the most spelled, or twisted into another meaning to keep us from knowing what they're talking about.

The human woman must think that we're just a bunch of idiots because she says things twice.


Just a few examples of her moronic human-speak that I have to put up with.

She also says these things in a high pitched voice, like that is suppose to motivate us. Yeah, it motivates me to rake her bare leg with my finely honed claws because its annoying.

She also says "do you have to go out", but she says the out part like "do you have to go owwwwwwwwt?" Like we wouldn't know what out meant?

We happen to know everything you're saying humans, its just that we key in on the stuff that pertains to US. What is in it for US? Sure we seem excited about going for a walk, you sit in a crate for hours not peeing and see if you get excited when someone opens the door. You've been out all day sniffing butts at the place you call work, while we languish in our cells for hours at a time.

I'd wish they start trying to explain how we know (even if they try to hide it) that one of us will be going for a car ride. How (without the use of a watch because the humans are too cheap to buy us one) we know when they're coming home, or how we know which car door slamming is them.

How do we know when its time to eat?
How do we know when its time for our walks?
How do we know when its time for bed?

Um, hello are you that stupid? We're listening, and we understand, and most importantly... we rule the house and you are actually just doing what we've trained you to do.


silly humans

(go fetch me a cold beverage and a kleenex now)

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  1. Thank goodness the only words my human says twice are "poo poo" and "pee pee". Other than that she pretty much talks to me the in a normal way. She doesn't like it when I let out impatient yelps when she is getting my dinner, but hey! I'm hungry and she's taking too long to get me my raw chicken! Come check out the cool sticker my mom bought, it's on my blog!