Sunday, January 29, 2006

Mystery Woman

For a few years now, some mystery woman has been living in the house and we can't find her.

We know she's here, and her job is to announce whenever a door is open, we just can't find her. A door opens, she yells "FAULT, BASEMENT DOOR", we run down there to try to find her, but she's gone. We can't even smell her. Its very annoying that someone is in the house and we can't claw her. Does she have treats? Why doesn't she smell? Where is she hiding? We will find her.

I've been particularly annoying lately for no reason. My po-po area is matted, so I sit on the human woman's head in hopes that she will do something about it. I can't be cute and fluffy if my po-po area is matted. I've also been clawing the human woman for no reason. This is fun. Claw. Human woman gets up to take me out, I lay down and laugh at her. She sits down. Claw. Human woman gets up to take me out... you get the picture. Sometimes I modify it. Claw, human woman gets up to take me out, I get up, walk 2 steps then skitter back under the desk and laugh. Its great fun.

At this time, I want to send a happy claw hello to Gail and Earle (at least the human woman thinks that is their names, she's met so many people she can't keep their names straight, so apologies if that's not their names) who apparently enjoy my words of wisdom. They are helping the human man and woman clean up that pet cemetery, which we are thankful for their help, but an added bonus is that they found out about it by reading my blog. It takes a husky to spread the word, so all of you husky readers in Maryland, tell your humans to get out there and pitch in to clean up that cemetery! Even though you can't go and play there, when your humans do get home from helping, there are some wonderful smells on their clothes for you to enjoy!

Meeshka (claw, skitter)

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