The Snow is Gone

Once again, a perfectly good snow is gone. We barely had a day of snowy playtime before it got warm again and melted it all away. I really need to convince the humans to move where the snow is. I'm a HUSKY! I NEED SNOW to play in!

I don't sit and cultivate my true fluffiness just to lounge in the heat and humidity. I require plenty of snow activities to make me even fluffier and cuter. I'm sure now that its "spring" I'll start to shed again, thus losing all of the fluffy work I put into my coat for a very disappointing winter.

I'm also very peeved at the humans again. They went and got on tv without me! Sure its for a good cause, but they could have taken me to the cemetery when they were filming the news report about their work (see: The humans on tv)

I am the one that got some of the humans informed about the whole pet cemetery thing in the first place, so the least they could have done was mention my efforts and contributions, but NOOOOO! They use my cute and fluffiness for their cause, and then forget about me.

Because of this lack of snow and lack of television air time, I've been most cranky lately. The object of my crankiness has been that meddling cute mutant pawed puppy Loki. He had the gall to run outside in front of me, so I had to grab him by the head and pile drive him to the ground. He just doesn't seem to learn that when I want to go outside first, he should let me because I'm cute and fluffy and own this house!

Don't even get me started on the Westminster winner either. That should have been ME!

Not having a very good month



  1. Oh you poor poor girl, really. Someday they'll appreciate you. Just want to let you know that this has been a pretty poor excuse for a winter this year in my neck of the woods, too. Maybe next year I won't bother growing a new coat at all.

  2. Meeshka,
    You must come see what my human has put on my blog!

    I am also miffed that right after it snowed it was so warm that it all melted, and now it's SO COLD and we have NO SNOW!


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