Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who moved my crate?

The humans got home from the evil work place and tossed us outside as usual. What was unusual was that they didn't let us in and feed us at the usual time, even though we banged on the door, and woo'd and cried. They were doing something inside, and whenever they lock us out and do stuff inside... its never a good thing.

Just as we suspected when we came back inside, our crates were GONE! Our cozy little nooks were moved upstairs! Not only that, but half the couch was gone and now moved upstairs!

We huskies don't like change. Not only were they late feeding us, but they re-arranged our sacred spots!

The human woman tried to explain that they needed the downstairs in order to do something, and we would be much happier with our crates upstairs, but we know this is a lie. SHE likes the crates upstairs. Its easier for her to get the empty kongs out of them if they're up there, and its easier for her to do stuff up there, so stop with all the "its best for you" crap, we're not fooled.

It was kinda nice being in a different locale than normal when we're chewing on our kongs and napping. I want the crate near the wall that is closest to the window, but that's Sammy's crate and he wasn't pleased when I tried to claim it as mine. The little brat Loki went right into his crate like the suck up he is this morning.

Sigh, it'll take a while to get use to this new routine, and we've already made it clear that we aren't happy about change and need even more treats than usual in order to appease us.

By the way, here's another picture of me in the snow... that is gone... lasted a whole lousy day then melted. This weather sucks, but luckily to help us show our displeasure, its very muddy outside, so I was sure to get my tiny, delicate little feet all muddy and stomp all over the human woman's side of the bed last night.

the next thing you should move is that horrible end table to the dump.

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