Sunday, February 12, 2006

What A Snowy Day!

I'm sure Neal Estano is relieved that we actually got snow last night and today. I'm sorry for the late post, but since I have no idea how long this gloriously fluffy and cold stuff will last, I wanted to spend as much time as possible in it.

We started off in the morning very early, waking the human woman when the sun came up, and forcing her to take us outside. There, we made paths through the cool snow and marked our areas (since everything is new with the snow), then we set about chasing and pile driving Loki's head into the snow. Great fun.

The human woman eventually came out and started taking pictures of us being cute in the snow. Snow is very tiring though, its so much fun that we didn't want to come in, even though we were very tired, so we just made ourselves little holes in the snow and napped after out photo shoot.

The humans were very angry for some reason. When we came in for dinner, we realized that no lights were on, no usual noises, it was very quiet. Apparently the human power givers were having problems giving power... for 8 hours! That's why I'm late in posting (other than not coming inside because of the wonderful snow), the humans didn't have power all day. It was nice and cool in the house for a change, and quiet too. We napped after lunch, then went out and played in the snow some more. The bottom picture is Loki who got mad after we piled drove his head in the snow for the 50th time. He took out his anger on Sam's tail.

Well, time for more snow play!

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