Monday, February 06, 2006

In a Mood

I've been in such a mood lately. Its probably the lack of snow and lack of attention.

I've decided that I don't want to go outside right after I eat like usual. I also don't want to go "pee-pee final" like usual. I don't want to come inside when I'm called, unless it is for food, and even then... yawn... I'll come when I feel like it and you can wait at the open door little miss human woman!

I want the whole head of the bed, thank you, and I will sprawl all over it I don't care if my butt is on your head, just deal with it, AND GET OFF MY TAIL!

In the morning, I'll claw you if I want, its time for me to go out and pee you lazy human woman, and don't give me that crap about "going out when the old Nova guy goes out at 4am" I don't have to pee at 4am, I have to pee NOW!

What's with this old guy Nova getting all of the good human foods? Its not like you humans don't have enough human food, what with all of it piled on shelves just out of our reach or in cans, so why not give US some too, hmmm?

I also think you should leave me alone when I'm digging near the fence, there's something down there, I want it, and I should be able to have it if I find it!

I'm tired of the same routine, over and over again, and frankly your securing of the fence really makes me mad because huskies are SUPPOSE to escape once in a while!


This house is no fun!

Meeshka (fear the claw)

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