Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

Hey everyhusky, dog, and girl-girl,

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been one very busy husky what with the grandparents and Uncle Jack here. So many legs to claw, so little time! The best part is that the humans went out and bought croissant and everyone has been eating them and sharing with us! Its very hard for them to eat a croissant without the three of us staring at them with that starving look. They can't resist and so we've been getting plenty of croissant and muffins, we've been sharing their human foods with them, its great! Ok, they haven't really been sharing their foods, but since the grandparents aren't use to having pups like us around, they leave things within easy reach and we just help ourselves. Hey, its at our level, or up on a shelf, or hidden behind something, so apparently its for us, so we take it.

Last night we got to go out on the deck while they grilled and ate and we made ourselves right at home out there. They had some tasty salmon, but we couldn't have any of it because it had little bones in it, but the human woman felt so bad that the tasty fish was so tasty and we couldn't have it, so she opened up a can of the tasty salmon with no bones in it and gave us that with our dinner. Very tasty, and good for our fluffy soft coats as well.

We also had a chance to go stomp on grandma human man while she was resting in the room we can't into. Hey, the door was open a crack and that meant it was ok for us to go in there and stomp on her. She laughed about it, but the humans told us to get out before we could thoroughly stomp on her. That's ok, there will be other opportunities. I was also able to perform the double front foot punch to Uncle Jack when he first came in, he loves it when I do that.

We're still waiting on the catastrophe and the unexpected celebrity death, so there is still time to place your bets. I'm with everyone else on the Michael Vick thing, but we probably won't be that lucky.

The human woman is still exhausted from going to that hike thing, and I heard that a lot of my adoring fans showed up and were disappointed that I couldn't make it. I'm sorry I wasn't there to play with all of the other HULA members, as it would have been a perfect time to send out instructions of destruction and escape, but she's all selfish and didn't want to take me with her to Phili and stay with Sasha. The next big event, I promise that I will make a special guest appearance so my adoring fans can pluck some of my keepsake fluff.

(almost nap time)


  1. Yes, we missed you at the hike. My mom got to meet your human woman and your human woman demonstrated pet first aid very will on our lifesize husky (stuffed) helper. Hopefully your human woman will bring you to the hike next year. Us red have to stick together.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  2. You didn't get to go??? That's terrible!! Now your human woman deserves extra clawing for that!

    Did she at least get any good pictures?


  3. Well - I think we've got a contender for your khatastropy and death thing -