Happy Independence Day

Hey every pup (and girl girl),

Today is the big human Independence Day. Yep, a mere 232 years ago (that's 1,624 in dog years) the humans voted to approve a resolution of independence from British rule... um, wait a minute, they actually did that on the 2nd of July. Oh, ok, they finally approved and signed the Declaration of Independence on the 4th of July, so that's why they set off annoying fireworks and have cookouts on this day. Ok, that makes sense, they signed a document and made it so (in the words of Jean Luc Picard of Star Trek, who isn't even born yet). Oh crap, wait a minute, it wasn't even signed until 2 August 1776. Sigh... stupid humans.

Ok, so the humans didn't like all of the taxes that the British levied on them, and they also didn't like the high prices of the goods that were sold to them by the British that were imported, and so they told the British to go away and now the British have universal health care and the U.S. humans are all nice and free of British rule and complain about the high taxes they levy on themselves and complain about the high prices of gas and their crappy health care... my, how far they've come in 232 years.

Anyhoo, happy independence day american humans. I plan on spending the fireworks celebrations downstairs under the human woman's desk, lights off, t-shirt on, and a pair of the human woman's socks stuffed in my ears to drown out the noise of the explosions if the iPod blaring 80's music doesn't drown that out.

Try not to get your fingers blown off and don't start the grill with gasoline, its stupid (as Tubey would say)



  1. Oh, thanks for explaining it. We thought "Indy pen dance day" was about Indy penning his blog while he danced, or something like that.

    Maybe a steak will fall off the grill on the ground & you'll get it. That's what we're hoping for in about a half hour over here.

    Wooos & A-roos,
    Star & Jack "Boom-Boom" A-roo

  2. Amazing, isn't it!?!

    I know another old saying that fits - something about being khareful what woo ask fur, woo just might get it -

    Don't furget freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose -

    Stay safe and don't khlaw the hand that feeds - TOO much that is!


  3. In honour of the occasion I will have an extra nap. Do you want some of my fur to stuff in your ears?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  4. In honor of the day I'm doped up. Floating rainbow bones and all...the shirt isn't strong enough for fireworks.


  5. You dogs need to be dachshunds. I don't care one eaymekbct or the other about the fireworks. Maybe they aren't as bad in my neighborhood though.

  6. Whoops..... That 'eaymekbct' is supposed to be 'way'.

  7. It was horrible here last night, simply horrible. Mom got a little sunburn while she was out on the golf course all morning, so she was quicker to rub my ears and avoid the claw. That worked out pretty well for me.
    Tail wags,
    PS: Amber thinks you look a bit like a reindeer in that graphic.

  8. Next year I'm wearing a storm shirt for sure!
    - Charlie

  9. OOo man those socks in your ears looks funny!


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