That's MY chicken drippings!

You know, all of the gall those gimpies have! By now they should just know that whenever something tasty hits the floor, its MINE, but no, those impertinent little suck ups tried to push ME out of the way of some tasty raw chicken juice that the human woman obliviously tracked all over the kitchen.

I made sure they knew full well that chicken dripping is MINE, and you would think that I ripped the Mutatoe's head off with all the shrieking and cringing he did. I mean, come on I didn't even touch him. Didn't even muss up a hair on his mutatoe furry body, and yet he made the human woman think that I tore open his throat or something so she yelled at me and cuddled him!

He really knows how to play that human woman and get his way. I think he even pulled out a little of his own fur and threw it on the floor before shrieking like a little girl. Yeah, whatever, while he's getting all the attention, I finished up the chicken goop.



  1. Well, you may not have the human woman's attention, but at least you DID get the chicken drippings!


  2. I just stole a freshly grilled chicken breast off the counter but Eva is too much of a prissy princess to fight me for it. Then Momma stole it from me. Oh well- I licked the carpet for a while.


  3. Mmmm! Chicken goop! I know how you feel. Since I'm the "most spirited" one around here I get blamed for everything.

  4. Oh I love it when stuff falls on the kitchen floor! You really need a baby... they rock as far as food on the floor goes.

  5. Ditto what Holly and justmecopper said!!!

    You got the prize!!!

    We have three babies here during the week and I am their best friend at meal time:))

    Woo,Thunder Dunder

  6. I think we all know who won this battle. Meeshka 1, mutatoe 0.

    I must try his trick on Salvador some time though, it might get him booted outside even more often!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  7. Maybe you should mount a camera on your collar so you can prove to your human exactly what happens when the Mutatoe tries to take your chicken.

    Glad you got to lick the floor.

    Levi's mom

  8. You get no respect from those gimpy's, do you? Don't they know who you are?

    Wooos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo


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