I love a frenzied Human Woman

So today, the human woman has been running around doing too many things at once. Serves her right for lollygagging all yesterday and doing stupid stuff that didn't involve ME.

Anyhoo, today I got brushed, but I made her work at it, she had to chase me around the bedroom, so bits of me are brushed, and other bits are still nice and fluffy.

Then later on, she was nice enough to hide her dinner in the small food safe, but she left the plate of beef out on the counter for me. It was very tasty. I know she did it to make up for brushing me and all that, so I do appreciate it, but next time I wish she'd just put it in my bowl. I also wasn't aware that I had a time limit to eat, because she took it away from me before I could finish it. She did put it up though, so I'm sure she's just making sure I have some more for tomorrow.

Sometimes the human woman can be very nice.


  1. You are very funny! I love your blog and get the food stuff oh so well! Arrgghhhrrrwwlllll! But I don't get the brushing part, cause I really dig being brushed and groomed and just.. oh... I just love the spa experience. But I respect your attitude - lots! Happy restful Sunday!

  2. I too love to be brushed, I wish mom did it more, it feels so good. And the food, was most definitely for you and I am sure she is saving some for tomorrow. =)

  3. I guess your human is turning over a new leaf for this new year. How thoughtful of her to prepare the beef for you. I'm sure it was an oversight about the bowl. You should remind her.

  4. WOO WOO Meeshka

    BEEF? You got Beef? That would be worth getting brushed!!!

    Thor and Marco Polo

  5. I think maybe she has changed her mind about counter surfing. Some how you got through to her. Consider it an invite to everything on all counters.

    I strive for your levels of manipulation.

  6. Hiya Meeshka,

    R daddy wuz very thoughtful of my tummy yesterday. He wuz making bacon & got a telephone call & furgot that there wuz still bacon on the counter to make & walked away. I Juni-food-tested it & he didn't even hafta cook it fur me. When he came back & realized that I had tasted it fur him, he called R vet to ask if I wuz going to get sick. They told him that it would pass. I could've told him that I wuld be OK cuz after I ate it my tummy wuz full & no longer rumbling.

    Til next time,


  7. I get brushed over multiple nights and I make her work fur it too!

    I thought I had hit the Mother Lode when they all went to dinner tonight BUT dang: it was an EMPTY handbag The Doggy Nanny left on the sofa!



  8. Either she has become furry thoughtful or she's losing her mind, either way, you got the beef!
    A-roos for yous!

    Star & Jack

  9. Thank dog I don't get brushed! I gets my teeth brushed tough! Your mommy is nice!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  10. Maybe there is hope for the human woman after all?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  11. I hate being brushed too, nice counter-surfing job though. Very nice of Mommy to leave beef for you,after that horrible brushing thing they feel they have to do, I can groom my self thank you!
    Kira, The Florida Siberian

  12. Anonymous7:33 PM

    psst Meeshka- I think your Mommy is drawing you a little "fluffier" than usual...are you letting your fluff grow out?

  13. She must be trying to train you to work for your food. Silly human.


  14. I think my human was being lazy while talking to your human woman last night. I told my human woman to pass on the message to be extra nice to woo today!

    Royal Kisses, KSB

  15. that was very kind of her! guess what? there was coconut cream pie in the refrigerator and i licked it! it was meant for me, right?


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