Meeshka Movie Review: The Dark Knight

The humans went out and bought one of those "Blu-Ray" DVD players last night (instead of stocking up on livergreat, like I told them), and they also purchased some of those new fangled blu-ray movies to watch. No, they also didn't listen to my recommendations, so instead of reviewing "Succulent Squirrels Cavorting in My Yard", I will be reviewing "The Dark Knight", which has nothing to do with night time, but was very loud and full of explosions and should have been called "The LOUD MOVIE".

Since I was fixated on the fact that the humans were watching this movie in bed while holding plates of pizza (and not offering ANY to us no matter how close we encroached in their space), I will have to provide you with the various and sundry things the humans said during the movie to provide you with an adequate review. Plus, it had nothing to do with small furry tasty creatures, so who wants to watch that.

There appeared to be a lot of annoying things in this movie.

The first annoying thing, according to the human man, was the fact that if the volume was turned to a reasonable level for the loud explosions, then they were unable to hear any of the dialog. Speaking from a species with a keen sense of hearing, we felt the volume was just fine the way it was and are looking into finding some of those hearing aid things for the humans, or trying to figure out how to enable the "closed captions" so they can at least read the dialog and not deafen the rest of us.

The second annoying thing, according to the human woman was the actual Batman voice. I have to agree with her on this one, what was that actor guy thinking? What was the director guy thinking? Why didn't someone say "look, dude, you pretty much sound like a combination of Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stallone, and Froggy from "Our Gang" and nobody watching this will take you seriously." The human woman wanted more of the Joker scenes and less of the Clint Stallone Froggy boring guy. Apparently the best scene had something to do with a disappearing pencil. Its also pretty sad when humans watch a movie and root for the bad guys... that is bad, right?

Annoyance #2 for the Human Woman was the fact that EVERYONE in the movie said "THE Batman". THE Batman this, THE Batman that. I guess they wanted to make it clear that they were speaking of THE Batman, and perhaps not any ol' Batman, like there were dozens of other Batmans running around... iBatman, and Batman 2.0... no clue. The Human Woman likened it to older people discussing an ailment, where they always say "I have THE gout" or "I have THE cancer", usually followed with the statement "It pains me so". I have THE Batman, it pains me so.

So, both humans felt that it was a MUCH better THE Batman movie than past Batman movies, and that its a shame that the Joker guy was able to read a whole script, but was incapable of reading and following a preSCRIPTion and now won't be in any more THE Batman movies, let alone ANY movies.

So, in a nutshell: we didn't get any pizza and it was LOUD.



  1. Blu-Ray - We are very impressed. Our humans have barely moved from VHS to DVD and DVR and do not have anything hi-def in the house (they say we are high-maintenance, but we do not believe that is the same thing). And we are very disappointed that this movie is not about small flying rodents.

  2. Meeshka - I know this from experience. Woo do not wait to be offered pizza. Woo must just take it from them. Especially if woo want the good stuff, our humans usually just give us the crust and call it a "pizza bone". Hmmmmf...


  3. I totally agree about the voice, just sounded way too forced and got annoying very quickly.

  4. I think your review of the movie was spot on. I never get any pizza either, by the way.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  5. I believe The Meeshka post was very informative.

    I understand this might have been why The Meeshka's human sorts went to Khostkho when all those facebook types thought The Human Woman went to The Starbukhks -

    Without The Meeshka of khourse!

    The Khyra

  6. My family watched THE Batman movie too over Christmas and it kept me up with the noise too. My Mom also found the voice very annoying. The joker was good but very scary with all that talk of cutting his mouth.

    I too have no high def things at my house and because I don't, there are not many loud or soft movies at my house, just shows about concrete science and history. My Dad holds the remote.

    And on the food front, there is a yummy ham bone in the trash and I cannot have it they say.

  7. We always have to watch movies with the subtitles turned on because my master has the hard of hearing. Even momma uses them for movies like batman where they kind of whisper.

    Momma and Master saw batman at the IMAX theatre. They agree that the batman guy was a total doofus, but the joker was fun.

    Finally, I trust you got at least a pizza crust because anything less would just be downright cruel.


  8. Perhaps I should request that I be referred to as The Joey?

  9. Maybe they said THE Batman so efurryone would know it wasn't OUR Batman, Jack. Before he was "Jack", he was "Batman", no kidding!

    Our humans left us out in the cold & went to THE movies to see Valkyrie. (& we didn't get no stinkin' pizza either.)

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack Batman-a-roo


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