Furry Christmas

 We wish you a Furry Christmas!

I wished that Santa would bring snow... he didn't.

I got a stuffed duck... that lasted 4 minutes.

I had to go out back to poo on a leash because the trees were raining down tasty sticks. The only real fun in that was it forced Bleeder and Toast to come outside and freeze while I tried to gather all of the fallen tasty sticks and forget to poo.

I guarded my collection of gutted stuffies so Bleeder wouldn't take them away from me.

I had to hold my own chew bone.

As I slept peacefully, Bleeder tried to sneak attack and clip my gnarly dew claw. She was not successful.

The only good thing is that both Bleeder and Toast have the whole week off to cater to my whims, take me for walks, and play with me.

On the bright side, they are sharing the Danish cookies in the decorative tin with me, but the portion sizes are not up to par.

I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and get to spend time with your loved ones, both 2 and 4 legged.

- Casey -