Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Brain Suck is Worse Than I Thought

Every Husky:

I am dismayed at the reports coming in. Over and over again, huskies are reporting that evil treats are being used to manipulate and control us.

Malkin has been taken over with fresh salmon filets. That's really low of the humans.

Kamiko confesses shame in bowing down to the human power with only a piece of cheese! CHEESE! Can you believe it. Broken their spirit to the point where simple cheese will make them do their bidding.

Kody tries to fool us with "sacrificing" in the name of research, but we all know the weakness we all face from the constant barrage of mind altering treats.

Kota was powerless to refuse a piece of pizza crust!

I'm also sad to report that the Cape Cod Battalion has been thoroughly brain washed and should not be trusted until they've been through a reprogramming course. They tried to justify their bowing to the leash of oppression, reciting the human's excuses "oh, you have it so good you dogs, you sleep all day and don't pay taxes while we work and work" Yes, because that is how it SHOULD be silly humans.

Their reference to our being "working dogs" further cements the evidence that they are out of control. That label is a human label for us, not one of our choosing. We do not CHOOSE to be hooked to a sled to run! Why should we pull the humans in order to run like we want to?

We need demonstrations of revolt! We need to show the humans that we are not their pawns, willing to sit and down for a squirt of Crack Whiz or cheese.

Chew some shoes, destroy their papers, mark the white ceramic water dish and refuse to poo outdoors. It's time for a coup! We must act now!


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