Husky Hall of Fame

Today's Hall of Fame winner is:


Congratulations Isis. Your work is certainly recognized and admired in the husky world.

Eating a couch while still a foster dog, and STILL looking so cute and fluffy that they humans adopted you.

Eating a battery, very brave of you!

Eating the entire contents of a bag of gummy dog vitamins and causing your human great anguish and worry. Using your pitiful looks to get your human to go pick grass for you to eat and horka, then refusing to horka and forcing the human to take you to the vet where you were admired and petted.

These actions show the best of husky spirit, cunning, and deviousness.

For this, you are admitted into the Husky Hall of Fame!

Send your entries into the husky hall of fame by e-mailing me at:

Maybe your picture and name will get posted and you will be added to the Husky Hall of Fame.



  1. Meeshka, when I made the mistake of eating my mommy's allergy medicine, I was very sneaky. I didn't use my teeth to break the bottle open, I took the lid off without damaging the bottle. That way it didn't make any noise that would alert my mommy to what I was doing.

    I am just glad that my mommy still loves me after I scared her like that!

  2. Meeshka, you have to come to my blog and read about the Dog Blog Calendar! And vote!


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