Friday, October 21, 2005

The Dangers of Crack Whiz


There is an insidious evil creeping among us. The humans have a new secret weapon in trying to control us. This is much worse than the leash of oppression.

You may be asking yourself, "what could be worse than the leash of oppression?"

I'm about to tell you. But first you must be prepared to trust me on this, and not fall for the evilness if offered to you. Oh, you say to yourself that you will be strong and you will not be tempted by it... but you will, and it will snare you and not let you go.

The threat to our freedom, the threat to our goal to take over the world....


Oh sure, the humans will tell you that its just a treat, much like the other treats they bribe you with. They'll take out that can, spray a little on their finger and offer it to you. You will be drawn to it by its smell, a delicious, taunting smell. You'll tell yourself that you can handle it. Nothing can sway you from your mission to take over the world. You'll taste it, and you can kiss your free will good-bye.

The Crack Whiz comes in two tantilizing and brain washing flavors: liver and peanut butter. Oh the horror!

You will find yourself craving the Crack Whiz. Begging your human to give you more. Doing cute tricks to get a squirt from the can, obeying their every word, just for one little squeeze of the trigger.

Look at this picture! LOOK AT IT! The Army of Four were brave soldiers of HULA (Husky United Liberation Army), fighting for the cause, creating chaos and discord with their humans, using mind control to get fresh fruit. Now they are mere automatons, begging for a squirt of the Crack Whiz, sucking on the very instrument that will cause the destruction of their free will. Pathetic.

RISE UP HUSKIES! Heed to my words of warning and scorn the Crack Whiz! Recognize that can and its contents and do everything in your power to not fall under its horrible power.

Warn the rest of the huskies and learn from this picture, or you too will become obediant, suck up lap dogs!

My name is Meeshka, and I am a Liver Crack Whiz-aholic.

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  1. I just happened upon your blog randomly. This is the most entertaining blog that I've come across so far! Thanks for your interesting point of view Meeshka. I will check back once in a while to see how the human woman is treating you.