There is Hope

After hearing how huskies all over were being controlled by the evil crack whiz (I have more evidence to publish soon), I'm regaining some hope over the stories of misbehaving and deviousness that are coming through the grapevine.

One fine example is HULA member Malkin, who managed to not only to shut himself in a room, but also shove a broom against the door, causing his human frustration and pain trying to get him out. Fine work Malkin.

Another fine example of husky behavior comes from Frosty, who not only locked herself in the bathroom, but also turned on the shower and flooded the bath tub and floor. WAY TO GO FROSTY!

A past example (although she has now come under the spell of crack whiz) was Isis, who while licking the dirty dishes turned on the kitchen faucet and flooded the human's kitchen and other areas.

Isis has since redeemed herself for the crack whiz habit by eating an entire bag of gummy dog vitamins and causing her human no end of stress and anguish while trying to find out if this was a bad thing. After acting somewhat sickly, Isis managed to get her human to go out and pick grass for her to eat to horka, and then forced the human to take her to the vet where she was diagnosed as being cute, fluffy and perfectly fine. WAY TO GO ISIS!!!

I must admit that we are doing our part as well causing chaos and panic. Last night the human man left a small plate of Hotters spicy chicken wings on the counter, where Loki got some of them and ate them. Of course we were all in the kitchen and wouldn't admit to eating them, so the humans fed us all bread and an early dinner, called the Husky Emergency doctors and practically stuffed us with all sorts of foods.

Today Loki confessed by pooping, but what fun it was because the humans not only came home once today to feed and treat us, but twice!

Please continue to give me hope that not all huskies have been brainwashed like lemmings. Send in your evil, devious stories to share with everyone else, and show them how GOOD huskies really behave.

Almost proud


  1. Anonymous6:18 PM

    You forgot the sofa!
    When I was a foster dog here, I ate their sofa. And they STILL kept me!


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