Thursday, October 13, 2005

Nurse Meeshka

The human woman didn't feel good today, so it was my sworn duty as a husky to make her feel better.

She told us that she had a MYgrain, which I think is very selfish, calling an illness all yours, what if someone else wanted it?

Typically when she has her selfishgrain moments, she likes to lay in the bed in a strange position with all the lights off, have it very quiet in the room, no disturbances. Being huskies, we're very accomodating if we're also in the mood to nap, but after a while, we get bored and need some fun.

After one nap, she was suppose to be up and tending to our needs, but no, she still had this thing and tried to go back to bed AGAIN. I'm sorry, but I'll have none of that! I wanted to be petted and scratched. My needs were not being attended to. I gave her a whole hour to get over this thing, now its my turn for some much needed attention!

Oh sure, at first she flailed a bit when I wormed my slightly damp (its still raining heeee) fuzzy body under her arm, then under her whole body and threw her to the side. She even made a high pitched keening noise when I clawed her head a few times. It sure was fun bouncing away from the flailing arm that time.

She finally felt much better when I stood on her back and bounced up and down a few times, jumped right out of that bed and chased me down the stairs. See! I cured her!

I guess all of those articles about the healing quality of dogs are correct. Next time she has one I'm thinking of just sitting right on her head for a while.

Dr. Meeshka

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  1. Hmmmm, I'll have to try this on my mommy as well, she gets MYgrains too, but you are right, they be be called selfisgrains! She has been getting them a lot lately because of her sinuses. Whatever those are.