Friday, February 10, 2006

The Snow is Coming!

I can feel it in my tippy toes, the snow is on the way! The human woman said that packs of humans were at the human food store grabbing all of the milk, bread, toilet paper, eggs and chickens they had there. It must be nice to walk into a building and take whatever you want.

The human woman also said that there was a snow warning. We know this to be true because the annoying beeping thing on the desk went off. It goes off every Wednesday and it doesn't snow, but this time it went off tonight, and that means snow. Well, it doesn't really, because the beeping thing that talks about the weather when the human woman pushes its button is usually wrong. But I know for a fact that there will be snow finally, and I'll get to play in the snow, and shove the annoying gimpy pawed puppy face first in the snow, and then I'll dig a little snow hole and curl up in it.

It better not be rain and snow, because that's nasty and cold and it makes me not fluffy. I want fluffy snow for my fluffiness to play in. I love the snow! The more the better! This year's disappointing snow season has really put a cramp in my style. No little ice balls to leave on the human woman's side of the bed as a surprise. No playing "catch the snowball, then attack the human woman for playing such a cruel trick on me" game. No looking cute in the snow so the humans take pictures of me for everyone to be jealous of my fluffiness.

I can't wait. I'll post pictures of all the snow and me in the snow when it snows. If it doesn't snow, I know one weathercaster with perfect hair that will rue the day he ever pointed at a blue screen and promised me snow! Neal Estano... it better frickin snow tomorrow!


  1. Meeshka,
    I too am hoping very hard for lots and lots of snow! So much that the humans can't go to that thing called "work" on Monday and have to stay home and entertain us!

    We should get all of our Husky freinds to concentrate on snow - maybe it will happen!

  2. Meeshka,
    Amber and I played in the snow today! Come see pictures on my blog!

  3. Paws crossed here...there's a dusting of snow on the ground, a little more falling..hope hope hope! I await pictures of Meeshka, Snow Princess!

  4. No pictures yet. I hope that means you are still out there rolling in the snow and doing crazy husky things.