Gosh Its Dull Around Here

Since the old guy-guy went away, its been really dull around here. I tried to liven things up a bit by running into one of the deck supports and screaming shrilly as if I were dying. That really freaked the human woman out, and I have to admit... it did hurt, but she was so freaked out by it that I just skittered into the house when she told everyone to go inside and waited for her at the top of the stairs. She didn't seem happy that I was ok, more shook up. I can't win.

We've all had upset stomachs too, including the humans apparently, and Loki (the suck up) has taken over the old guy-guy's sleepy spot behind the human woman's chair. We can all sleep in the middle of the floor now because he's not tripping and stomping on us. Its not as exciting.

The house is starting to smell ... clean. Sam is doing his best to mark all of the old guy-guy spots to keep his memory alive, but the humans yell at him and take him outside. They don't appreciate our attempts to memorialize him. Loki (ever the suck up) curled up on the old guy-guy's cushy pillow and that sent the human woman into tears. I swear, there's very little we can do without sending one or the other into a crying fit.

Look at me, I'm cute and fluffy... ok... dammit, stop crying.

Woo wooo, stomp my tiny little feet... wait a minute... why are you crying now?

Claw, claw, claw.... ok, this is ridiculous, stop that crying crap.

We have managed to milk some good treats out of them. Steak bits, for example... which gave us diarrhea, but dang it was tasty. We're also getting leftover foods from the old guy-guy... once again, not agreeing with our stomachs. The human woman did throw away the poo goo that he was getting to help him poo easier... and cried about it. She put away the scale she used to measure out our raw meat that we got for a while... so much for getting that ever again.

They were lamenting about the stinky wipes they bought for him and never used on him... I'm guessing they'll attack us with those next, just to use them. I'll smell like a freakin flower.

Don't get me wrong, I miss him a lot... its very dull around here without him... just wish they'd stop moping around.

Think I'll go pee someplace and watch the human woman cry when she steps in it.


  1. I think you should organize with Sam and Loki the suck-up a huge poo tsunami party, and watch the human woman really cry this time.


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