Monday, April 17, 2006

Thank you all

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to everyone on the passing of old guy-guy Nova.

Its been very quiet around here the past few days. The humans are very sad, so we've been playing nice, and not sitting on their heads or doing bad things. I've been trying to do cute and fluffy things to make the human woman laugh or even smile. Loki wallowed on the human man and cuddled with him to make him feel better.

We all have upset stomachs now, and sleep in. Sammy will woo when he needs to go out in the morning, I just don't have the heart to claw the human woman to get her up.

We all knew he was in a bad way this weekend. Loki layed beside him and licked his nose to tell him it was ok. He may be a suck up, but he was a comfort to the old guy-guy. We hovered around him when he cried out and tried to help him and tell him we were there for him.

We said our good-byes, and the humans took him in the truck. They told us that he was in a good place, with no pain, running free with other pups. We're still sad. There's no bowl to lick, Sammy doesn't have anyone to argue with after dinner anymore, we can lay where we want without him stepping on us, we can sleep all night without having to get up and help him go out and pee.

This afternoon, the human woman happened to look behind the couch and found a spot where he poo'd. He hated having to poo in the house and would try to hide it. She cried as she cleaned it up, so I let her hug me.

Someday I'll tell you more about him, but right now, I'm going to curl up on the bed and sigh.



Woofwoof said...

One thing I've learned is that during these difficult times, it's best to maintain a sense of normalcy, and stick to your routines as much as possible. So keep stealing the bedsheet, sitting on the woman's head, and clawing her in the morning. Don't underestimate the therapeutic value of these acts. The woman might thank you later.

Maxster said...

When my mommy is sad i try to behave at least for a couple of days. i don't like it whenmy momy cries. It makes my poo all runny.
God speed old guy see yo on the other side.