She Went And Got One

Yes, the human woman went out and got a Furminator. She came home all depressed because it was raining and we got wet, and apparently humans can't use it on you when you are wet... so find adequate sources of water to stay damp all the time!

She waited. Yes, she's patient that way, until we were all dry. She tried it on the mutant toed gimpy Loki first. He's such a suck up, he just sits there and lets her do all sorts of things to him and never flinches. I'm waiting for her to start dressing him up in the human clothes and taking pictures, and he'd just sit there like the suck up adopted dog he is.

Then she tried it on Sam. I was confident that Sam would come through for the team. He hates to be combed, especially around his bionic hip. He screams and jerks around like you're killing him when the brush comes out, and that's even before the brush touches him.

That traitorous suck up just layed there. I couldn't believe it when he actually stretched out so she could brush him on the bionic hip! The fur was really flying now, all over the place, that thing just rips the fluffiness right out of you! I thought for sure there would be screaming agony, pain and suffering, fluffiness ripped from our very souls.

Then, the human woman took the rest of the pack outside because she knows I get very cranky and surely when I'm combed. She let me sniff the evil thing. I wanted to rip it from her hand and destroy it, but I wanted to wait until she started in with that thing first, give me a reason to be mad when it ripped the fluffiness... hey!

It doesn't hurt like those other combs. It actually feels kinda nice. I sat there for a moment, allowing the human woman to feel victory as she ripped the fluffiness from me... then I got on the couch because that was softer, and actually the whole brushing thing felt pretty good. I really didn't feel the need to chew on her arm or anything because it was just like she was petting me, sorta theraputic actually.

So I'm a bit too fluffy maybe, and actually I've been feeling a bit warm with all the fluffiness I have to carry around. I let her comb out about a garbage bag full of hair before I needed to go pee, so I huffed off. Frankly... its not horrible at all, and she said I also feel a lot softer.

Fluffy AND soft. I kinda like that, so I guess I'll allow her to do it some more later on.

Sometimes you can be too fluffy I guess.


  1. Meeshka,
    Change your password quick. The human woman broke into your account and wrote ridiculous things in your blog. Sit on her head tonight to punish her.

  2. Meeshka,
    My mom got a furminator about a year ago. You do have to be careful though - if the humans comb you too much in the same place, they can pull too much hair out!

    Needless to say, my mom has been VERY careful with it since then!


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