Visitor and fun in the yard

The humans had a visitor over on Saturday (they wouldn't let us play with him, but we smelled him after he left). Apparently the visitor left a small wooden box that the humans placed on the upstairs table along with another small wooden box. Apparently, that's Nova and Nikki. They don't smell like huskies though.

With the entrance of the small wooden box, the humans seem to be getting more back to normal, so we've decided that its time to be evil again. This whole moping around was depressing, so I've been ultra cute and fluffy lately, doing a lot of woo'ing and stomping of my delicate feet for things I deserve. The human woman is spending a lot more time outside watching us play, which is really fun. They've also cleaned up the yard for us, and its about time. What little grass that's left was really tall and tickled my delicate po-po when I went to the bathroom. Now I can go without that annoyance.

We spent a lot of time outside with them today as they "cleaned" the yard. We helped them rake the old leaves by jumping into the neat little piles of them and spreading them throughout the yard again. We also ran and ran when they told us we had to go inside so they could use the power tools. Loki didn't want to go in, so we had to chase him around for a while. I finally convinced him with a head slam to the ground that he needed to go in. I swear, that puppy has no brains.

While the human man was spreading something they think will make grass grow, we got to stand on the deck and watch him. I like the deck, its really high and I can see my kingdom and woo at the neighbor yappy dogs. I like that we get to go out on it more. Nova didn't like the deck, and about a month ago he actually fell down the stairs, which freaked the humans out, even though he casually slid down the stairs. After that, no deck for anyone but the humans. Now we go out on it a lot, and Sam and Loki have learned that its a no pee zone.

The house is getting cleaned some more, pretty soon it'll just smell like us again. That's kinda sad that it won't have the Nova smell anymore, except the humans haven't touched the big cushy pillow. Maybe they'll just leave that alone and we'll be able to roll on it and remember the old guy-guy.

Pretty down tired after a rough day of beating up on spoiled gimpy dogs.


  1. Hi Meeshka,
    I'm glad you guys are feeling better. It's sad that Nova is gone, but he wouldn't want you all to stay sad forever. I hope the humans do leave his smell on that big pillow.

    Hey, my mom is joining your mom's rescue! Neat, huh? Maybe we'll finally meet at an event!


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