Saturday, July 29, 2006

World-Wide Audience

Opy and Charlie from Dogs with Blogs are staying up late in a place called New Zealand (or is that Old Zealand, I'm not very good with that whole geography thing, it could actually be a whole other country for all I know), to watch the grand first posting of my Blogathon!

Thanks for all of your support you guys, and I guess your humans too.

After all of the hoopla of the human visiting in the middle of Blogathon, and now that I've thoroughly sniffed every inch he walked on, I can get down to some real blogging now.

But first, a special thank you to Syrianna. Her human woman had a heck of a time trying to sponsor me. Apparently there is something called "antivirus" on their computer, and it kept thinking that the Blogathon 2006 page was EVIL. They couldn't see anything on that page, so if you have difficulty trying to sponsor me, then make sure the "antivirus" isn't keeping you from seeing the page. After you sponsor me, you should go out and buy a mac, because they're nice and easier for huskies to type on, even though the human woman keeps screaming about my nice sharp claws making marks in the pretty gray laptop case thingie.

In my copious spare time I'll be developing a husky keyboard to use.

(thanks Opy and Charlie!)


  1. Good morning Meeshka. Long day huh? OK, enough with the chit-chat. Bring out the picture. THE picture.

  2. Yeah, where is the picture you promised us?? We should get two pictures!!!

  3. Cool picture of Opy and Charlie! I want their screen!