Friday, October 12, 2007

For the Good of the Pack

Well, I'm afraid to announce that I can't possibly go visit Keema's human woman. For one thing, my ride never showed up and the human woman refused to give me the keys to my RAV. Secondly, the very moment I announced that I would be leaving, the whole pack went totally insane!

The Mutatoe immediately started sucking up to the human woman and got a KLEENEX! MY KLEENEX!!! She told me that since I was leaving, the Mutatoe would get all of the Kleenex from now on. Yeah, I don't think so. My treats would be distributed to the remaining gimpies, not sent to my "new home", and when I got tired of waiting for my ride to show up, I found the spineless bionic hip puppy curled up on MY spot on the bed, smirking. He smirked at me!

How can I possibly let these gimpies take over the house, it was utter chaos, they had no manners, no respect and they were getting my treats and kleenex!

So, I apologize to Keema's human woman, she'll just have to find her own husky to put her house into shape, I'm too needed here to leave, my job apparently is not done with the gimpies, as they still have much to learn.

I do highly recommend some rescues, where HULA members are being cultivated daily and will provide her with the same escape attempts, eaten couches, and digging that I could give her. I'm not sure there are any candidates that know the proper way to sit on a human woman's head, but I'm sure one will turn up eventually, it is a skill that most huskies can't quite perfect, but I'm sure there is one out there somewhere, just keep looking. As far as the claw goes, we're all armed, so that shouldn't be a problem.

But just in case Keema's human woman can't find the perfect dog, and since she did mention that a male would be better, I can always send her a slightly damaged model that has an ear piercing yap, pees on things in the house sometimes, and thinks he's fluffy and cool. No charge.

(unpacked my vent and bowls, now where's my kleenex?)


  1. Or was it the small fact about her making you - GASP - WORK???

    We know the truth - we are HUSKIES - hear us WOO!


  2. We could send her Dave. That way she'd have a Lab in a Sibe suit -- all bases covered. I mean ... he FETCHES. Who DOES that?!?
    Tail wags,

  3. I'm so glad you are staying Meeshka! I know you would have a hard time training new humans as well as your current humans are trained. And I know you wouldn't want to work THAT hard.

    I think I recognize that paw sticking out of the box.


  4. Meeshka, it's good to know your staying. How dare those gimpy's move in on your things before you even leave! They must have gimpy-brains too.
    Please remember that I am TRYING to get Jack relocated, in case shipping the mutatoe doesn't work out (love the cartoon!).


  5. Anonymous11:21 PM

    You are a true Queen to stay and to return order to a world of chaos. How dare those lowly servants to try to take your place - after all it IS Meeshka's World. I'm sure Donna will find a male replacement in the up and coming HULA members. So glad to hear you are staying. I hope your human mom gives you a full box of kleenex since she didn't give you the keys.

  6. Duty can be a cruel master. Bummer about the ride, too!