Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Proper Way to Greet a Human

Yesterday Indy’s human woman came to our house. She and the human man and woman were abandoning us to go do fun things. They said that dogs weren’t allowed there, but we smelled dogs on them when they came back, so we know they were just big fat liars.

When Indy’s human woman came up the stairs, we neglected to knock her down the stairs (note to self: need to work on that), but we happily greeted her as though we had never seen her before, just because we like doing that.

I managed to get a good face bonk with my nose, missed the eye, but she pushed me so that’s my excuse. Loki hit her from the side and then I got her good from the front and she landed on her butt on the floor where we were able to properly maul her.

The human man and woman tried to tell us to settle down (yeah right), and then the human woman got a call on MY iPhone and with her occupied, we were able to escalate our attack full tilt.

As Indy’s human woman got off the floor, Loki performed a perfect leaping push that propelled her onto the part of the couch, and that’s when we leapt on her and stomped on her wildly. She tried to get up but I performed my patented leaping both paws forward body slam and threw her back on the couch thing, where we then savaged her like pirana. It was glorious, but short-lived, as the human woman came back in and made us stop.

Unfortunately Indy’s human woman is wise to our ways and was able to keep herself from wearing the mark of the claw (need to work on that too), and after they bribed us with kongs and cookies, we let them go to their “dogs not allowed” event.

There’s nothing like a good human greeting to work up a good nap.



  1. Wow, you really got Indy's mom! Serves her right for helping your humans with their lies, huh?

  2. Oh Meeshka, you and your crew are good! We have to stay behind the gate when company comes and if they are brave, they can come in our room to see us.

    Do you have pictures of this attach. We want to see some manuvers. Maybe you can inform the Army of Four. These manuvers can be useful.

    Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

  3. Dogs not allowed???? Doesn't sound like they should have been going there anyway. You had a right to attack dare they????

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  4. They just don't understand how friendly we are trying to be when we do those sort of things. You all did a pretty good job, even though you got called off by your mean human woman.


  5. I can tell you're a pro at advanced Siberian antics. I'm very impressed! You should document your techniques and publish a book!

  6. We need a video camera! With mom & dad traveling back & forth to AlaBAMA so much, this is how we greet them every time they come home. Mama gets in equal amounts of laughing & "ouch"ing. We love to maul our humans!
    Bama & the RHP