New HULA Member: Jack

To: Meeshka the Great
HULA Application

for: Jack (cyber-sibes)

1. Demonstrate disruptive behavior.
I like to lie upside-down across the bottom of the stairs, and in doorways, so the humans have to step over me. (although the hu-man sometimes steps right on me.) I also like to make my wookie-call really loud so they have to drop whatever they’re doing to make sure I’m not getting in trouble. 6 am works nicely for this one.

2. What do you do to cause humans to freak out?
I stare at Star. I got into a couple of little scrapes with star at first. Nothing more than a few puncture wounds, nothing serious by husky standards, but they FREAKED out. They almost took me back to Ohio! Now I just stand very still & stare at Star once in a while, just to keep them on their toes. I’ve swiped almost all her toys this way.

3. Guilting the humans for no reason but to get attention or treats?
I live here. Apparently I arrived awfully soon after their beloved Sherman departed. I can’t help that, it’s not my fault. I didn’t drive myself here, you know. So they feel guilty that I’m here. Till a few weeks ago, I got lots of human attention cause Star & I weren’t getting along at all. ( OK, so that was my fault.)

4. Have you destroyed something?
I found this interesting little wooden case on top of a table… so I took it out in the yard & destroyed it. When my hu-mom saw it, she freaked out. She spent half the night out here in the yard with a flashlight trying to account for the sewing needles that were in the little box. This was great because I got to eat all kinds of good things with fiber so I would pass anything I ate out. (hee hee, they finally realized that I didn’t actually eat any of those stupid needles, she found all 16 of them.) *burp*

5. Human behavior modification?
They keep things off the floor and back from counter & table edges now.

6. Dressed up to humor the humans?
Not yet, but I haven’t been here very long.

7. Love of Kleenex?
Do I love kleenex? Is it like tissue? A-Rooo! See my blog entry

Congratulations Jack, you are a very worthy member of HULA!



  1. Jack, for being in his new home for such a short time, has WELL deserved his HULA membership!! GOOOO JACK!!


  2. A-Rooooooooo!
    I'm in! I'll do my best to make you proud, Meeshka!
    ~ Jack
    (BTW, the certificate was very tasty)

  3. Congrats Jack. I see he's off to a very good start.


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