Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Ultimate Platform

Platform 2
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Ok, first of all, I didn't make it up on the counter, this is just purely wishful thinking.

I didn't want to burden spineless bionic hip sammy with trying to hoist me up there, and the gimpy suck-up mutatoe (although he has an ample butt) couldn't boost me up high enough and now claims that I strained something. He's such a weenie. Later I'll try moving a chair over.

I just think that up on the counter would be the perfect platform for me. Why? Thought you'd never ask:

1.) That's where all of the good human foods are prepared, so I would have access to them.
2.) The small food safe is right there and I've learned through observation that all you have to do to open it is to punch the button on the bottom and the door just flies open. You don't even need opposable thumbs for that.
3.) Its nice and high and out of reach of the gimpies (except for "stretch armstrong" mutatoe who can change his molecular structure such that he stretches and oozes into the sink to retrieve tasty dishes for me to lick).
4.) I can also turn on the water without the use of opposable thumbs and would no longer be forced to share a water bowl with the gimpies (who leave backwash).

So, I hope to be able to get on my new platform soon so that all huskies (and dogs, and girl-girl) can hear my Queenly speeches and follow my every bidding. (I was going to make some crack about a certain weepy talk show host who is waaaay too full of herself... but I'll refrain from that).



  1. That looks like a great place....everything easy access. I think if you brought the steps that your humans bought for Sammy over to the counter you could use that to get up on it and then just kick it out of the way before they could follow you up there.....just a thought :-P

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  2. Good luck, Meeshka!

    We don't have enough counter space for me to get up there. The Human Assistant says it's because the house was built in 1957.

    I could curl up on top of the stove, though. It's really wide with two ovens. Also from when the house was built.

    But the H.A. almost never leaves food where I can reach it. That's why books are such a good Plan B!

  3. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Oh Meeshka.. that would be the best dream if we could get on the counters!

  4. That would make the most perfect platorm!! Maybe you could check with Turbo on how to get up there! He has a great platform on a table!


  5. Woo. I never thought of enjoying the world from up there. I take stuff out of the sink all the time. Silly humans just seem to leave it there for me. DUH!

  6. Greetings Your Highness,
    (no pun intended). Sounds like you've found the perfect platform. I'll ask Cracker if he can give you some pointers on levitating yourself to the countertop magically like he does.
    Yesterday mom was dishing out our breakfast glop and I magically levitated to the top of the stove, but I'm not sure how I did it, I haven't been able to repeat the feat since. Cracker says it's a mindmagic thing, he just visions himself on the counter & suddenly levitates himself right up there!
    It's very similar to a David Blaine levitation, but much quicker. We have a stepstool in our kitchen so mom can reach the high cabinets, but unfortunately it's positioned too far away from the food stuffs to help. We'll let you know what suggestions we come up with....
    Bama & the RHP

  7. I think it sounds like an excellent place to give seeches from. Then when you needed a drink or a little snack to revitalize yourself, you'd have it right at your paws. Good plan, Meeshka.

    I stand upright on my hind feet & counter surf. Once I even snagged a big fish fillet! Unfortunately it went "WHAP" quite loudly when it hit the floor and hu-mom came running in before I could down it. Jack patrols the floor for tidbits & discards. He even has the humans trained that "if it's on the floor, it's mine!" Clever boy!

    Wooos and a-rooos
    Star and Jack a-Rooster