Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bountiful Grub Season

Its been a most bountiful crop of grubs this season. I think the humans’ attempt to grow grass is actually bringing in more of them, so we are rethinking our plans of total grass annihilation to perhaps allow for some grass growth in order to stimulate the grub population.

Speaking of grass, the back shed should be sprouting a most wonderful collect of grass soon, as we had some pretty nasty rains the past few days (making grub digging so easy, even the spineless bionic hip puppy could dig and enjoy his harvest). Most of the seed undoubtedly washed off into the shed (who puts a shed at the bottom of a hill anyway?) so I’ll be seeing the human woman with a machete trying to hack her way through the grass in order to get the lawn mower out.

Speaking of lawn mowers, its about time she gets off her lazy butt and mows the clumps of grass that is out there. All of my favorite poo spots are literally a forest of grass and its to the length that tickles my delicate po-po when I do my business. I hate being tickled when I’m concentrating on my balance, form and proper placement of poo.

Ok, nearly bed time. The human woman is exhausted from trying to keep up with covering our grub holes as soon as we make them. We’ve made it into a competition to see who can dig up the most grubs and whether some of our more well placed holes will cause her an injury.



  1. Have you diskhovered a favourite khondiment or side dish for those grubs?

    Have you suggested she khoat them in khrushed oyster khrakhers and then drizzle with butter?


  2. My humans can understand your humans pain. They recently put in new privacy fencing behind our shed, and just now (4 years after buying the house) opened up the area behind the shed for us to roam in. Needless to say, Samuel has staked his claim by digging a couple nice sized holes. Mom is already resigned to the fact that the area will never have grass. Good for her. Maybe your humans can just give up too. After all, sometimes it's just pointless to keep shelling all that money out for grass that isn't going to grow.


  3. We know what you mean, Meeshka! Our stupid hoomans used to plant new grass seed every year only to have it grow nicely to about 1 inch high and then die! They have finally given up, but it took them about 15 years to get to that point. Enjoy your grubs while you can!

    Poppy & Penny

  4. We have no grass, so that must be why we have no grubs. We have plenty of cactus though, and none of us like that, not even our bipeds!!


  5. Your Majesty (in Australia we are still members of the Commonwealth so I know how to address a Queen properly)

    Thank you for visiting my blog! If you are still keen to take on my case I would appreciate your help with the coffee in the bed incident. I know mum still blames me even though I also know it wasn't my fault!

    Most respectfully,
    Huffle Mawson

  6. We don't have grubs over here but I do like to have a dig in the flower beds every now and then just to keep my humans on their toes. And to hide my cool stuff from Frank. Grrrr.

  7. We keep digging, but apparently this island is a grub-free zone or something. Enjoy them while you can.

    Grass? Not likely to happen here either.

    Star & Jack a-roo

  8. Tell your human woman to take care of that long grass for woo!

    Woo woo, KA

  9. Hi-Woo Meeshka,

    Our mommy won't let us out in the backyard after a rainstorm cuz we kinda messed up the grass last season & there are parts that didn't grow back in. So not fair cuz we likes to squish in the soft dirt!

    -Cosmos & Juneau-