Sunday, April 27, 2008

The look is for:

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The shirt I had to wear last night when the thunderstorm came through and I was panting and clawing the humans.

Being made to sleep in the guest room with the human woman because of the panting and clawing while wearing the shirt and that room DOESN'T HAVE AN AIR VENT!

Making my human woman feel bad about putting me in a shirt and denying me my precious air vent.

For the human woman leaving for hours this morning and then coming home smelling of strange dogs and not taking me along.

Just to show her, I'm digging up all of the grubs and the precious little grassy grass she's so lovingly cultivated.

(not a real happy camper today)


  1. How rude! Poor Meeshka, the things they force you to endure! Do the realize how lucky they are that you continue to stay with the even after such undignified treatment? They don't deserve any grass!

    Wooos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack a-roo

  2. I'll have Tubey and Ekhko get right on that -

    I think thers is something in the khonstitution about khruel and unusual punishment -

    And woo were SOOO looking furward to your khool air vent -

    Just not fair -


  3. Meeshka, I don't know why your mother wants grass when she has you. You are all she needs.

  4. Oh, that is SO cruel of your humans! I pant and claw during thunder storms, too, but went ballistic when Mom tried to put a shirt on me. She hasn't tried it since. Now she gives me Rescue Remedy and stays up all night with me down in the Studio. It's cool down there, plus it irritates Dave knowing I've been in there - so that's an added bonus.
    Tail wags,
    Storms (capital "S")

  5. Woo! I suggest you collect a pile of grubby grubs and deposit them on her pillow. She will thank you.....really she will!
    Pee S: You might also consider eating some of the grass then horking it up in her slippers for an added touch.

  6. Good for woo! Make her pay!

    WOo woo, KA

  7. Queen Meeshka

    i know that you have other worries on your mind (no way would my mother try putting a shirt on me, I would shred it in minutes) but I am in big trouble and need your help. I did what you suggested... put my tail in mum's coffee on the weekend... she didn't see me but she did find a black hair in her cup. Now she is threatening to never let me on the bed again. HELP!! I need my attorney-at-claw.

    Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat

  8. The humans seem a bit uppity these days.........
    PS - I think Indy got to go!!!!!

  9. Sounds like good pay-back to me!


  10. Grass is overrated! Once it grows she's just gonna pay more and more attention to it so get rid of it now.