My Afternoon

5 pm the human woman gets home, lets us out of our nap crates, we go outside to pee and sniff the grass.

5:30 pm I claw the human woman and demand my food. She does my bidding but doesn’t feed me nearly enough to maintain my average fluffiness. I stomp my feet and demand more, she ignores me, I claw her for good measure.

5:35 pm The human man gets home, I give him a welcome home claw, explain that the human woman has forgotten to feed us, he is not fooled.

6 pm I demand to go outside
6:01 pm I demand to be let back inside
6:02 pm I demand to go outside
6:03 pm I demand to be let back inside
6:04 pm I demand to go outside, I am ignored, I pout

6:30 pm I convince spineless bionic hip puppy and the mutatoe to ask to go outside, then refuse to join them.

6:35 pm I look very cute on the dog bed in the living room, then when the human woman comes to pet me, I skitter away, riccochet off the bed a few times, then run to my crate and refuse to come out.

6:37 pm I demand to go out by racing down the stairs and throwing myself at the back door, human woman lets me out, then watches me run once around the yard. Mutatoe waits for me to try to get back inside so he can attack me, I send Spineless bionic hip puppy Sam as bait, then saunter to the back door when he’s being attacked. I refuse to go inside though.

6:38 pm Spineless bionic hip pup Sam beats on the back door to be let in.

6:39 pm Mutatoe beats on the door to be let in

6:40 pm I scream at the back door to be let in, human woman mutters something about not understanding how she can gain weight with all the exercise she gets.

6:41 pm I throw myself down in front of the entryway and heave a tremendous sigh that marks the beginning of my pre-bed time nap.


  1. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Oh Meeshka.... it is a shame that the humans make you work so hard.

  2. That sounds somewhat familiar. Since we don't have a yard yet, I like to go sit on the balcony. Kat goes out with me and then as soon as Mom sits back down on the couch, Kat jumps at the door to come in. Mom lets her in, but I stay outside. That aggravates Kat, so as soon as Mom sits down again, Kat asks to go back out. Mom gets up and opens the door for her, but she just grabs my neck fur to pull me inside. I resist. Mom has to stand there holding the door. It's nice to have slaves.


  3. We got exhausted just reading about your hectic 5-7 pm schedule! We do the in-out thing too, but since hu-mom is home all day with nothing to do but let us in & out & hand out treats, it doesn't sound nearly as dramatic as your day. We do demand our pre-dinner walk though. Jack can get pretty loud about it. then of course, a bit of husky smack-down in the evening....

    woos & a-rooos,
    Star & Jack in-aroo,out a-roo

  4. You sure do a good job driving them crazy.


  5. Yep, that's pretty much how it is in PA too!

    I don't have other khanines to tag team with BUT I do pretty khanine good anyway!!

    She did get even with me last night - lots of yelling and skhreaming at the tv box thing - stoopid khats seemed to be the khommon words - I'll khonkhur NOW fur it would have meant I got something special -


  6. What's her problem??? She should be awaiting your every command!

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  7. The humans don't understand just how busy we canines are.

  8. Mama won't do the in-out thing with us! She lets us out and then LEAVES us out for at least fifteen minutes, unless it's raining! We're gonna have to retrain her, I think!


  9. Wow,
    We are so impressed at how well trained you have your Momma! We better work on ours!


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