Thursday, April 17, 2008

Resume for Martha Stewart

Ms. Stewart recently lost her beloved Chow Paw Paw. She was so distraught, she vacationed in the Bahamas. Hey, every human has their own way of grieving, and frankly a trip to the Bahamas would be a nice change of pace for me... which is why I’m submitting my resume to be the replacement dog for Ms. Stewart.

Some of you may ask yourself... Martha Stewart’s dog? Yes, because Ms. Stewart really knows how to treat a dog. What with her perfectly decorated house, her ability to whip up a nice home made meal for her pups on a whim and using only the finest of ingredients, and the fact that her pups are known to either travel with her, or get a babysitter while she’s gone means cushy city for me! Plenty of bling on the collar and tons of room to run and dig up grubs, I’m all for it.

Ms. Stewart is use to fluffy dogs, and it appears that Paw Paw was indeed very fluffy (but not as fluffy as I) and I’m sure she doesn’t complain about the fluff being shed all over her expensive furnishings (unless she’s screaming at the housekeeper to “do” something about it), so I’m pretty sure that I could live the cush life there at Castle Stewart and fit in just fine.

Besides, you don’t see my human woman making decorative wreaths with my fluff and selling knock-offs of them at outrageous prices at Walmart. If she did, then I would have my own spa, masseuse, and cook here at Castle Meeshka.

So, Ms. Stewart, if you happen to be reading, I’ll be waiting for your phone call. I’m very good at comforting you in this time of grief (as long as you are slathered in livergreat).



  1. Imagine the khute things she'll make from your fluff!

    EVERYONE will be khlamoring for SibeSweepin's!!


  2. And the snacks!! Not only would they be delicious, but they'd be pretty to look at ... wait, who cares about that ... not us.

  3. Anonymous11:51 PM

    And next time I go to prison, you're welcome to come with me, and sit on my head. The jailmates will be so jealous.

    Martha "Queen of Mean(s)"

  4. Meeshka, we could go along with you and add some of our Aire-hair for her to make stuff from! Just think of all the treats we could get!

    Poppy & Penny

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    mom said that one of these times she is going to take our fur and ship it to the woman in Cali and have her make sweaters out of them. Couldn't your mom do the same

    Your friends,

  6. Oh yea, that would be a great gig. I bet they eat like royalty there.


  7. And she could go from Paw Paw to Claw Claw. :)

  8. We see the makings of an off-Broadway hit!

    "It's Stewart-time,
    and the livin' is easy,
    grubs are jumping, (into your mouth),
    and your fluff piles up high!

    Your Martha's rich.....
    and the food is good-looking,
    now hush, little Meeshka,
    don't you cry.... (Care for more livergreat?)"

    Porgy Jack & Bess-Star

  9. Hi Meeshka,
    We saw that you were nominated over at the Bone Zone for awesome blog and we didn't know who you were so we had to come over and meet you!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  10. Ooh! I could really use a home! I'm not so fluffy, and I'm not purebred. Maybe I should look elsewhere.

  11. What a good idea, Meeshka! When you move into Castle Stewart, would you make sure Dutchess goes with you? And Dutchess--you don't have to be purebred to be able to have a great home!


  12. We khan so see you in Khastle Stewart. Queen Meeshka, her fluffiness, ruler of the roost!

    Khan't wait to see your picture all over the world doing husky work.

    Woos, wags and wuv,
    Thunder & Stormy

  13. hey buddy,

    you have been nominated for Awesome Blog Award over at the Bone Zone - head over and cast your vote :-)


  14. Great idea! And we could all come to visit you. I hear she makes pawsome cakes!