I have gas

Ok, this isn’t an April Fool’s thing, I really do have gas. Let out a big ol fart while the humans were standing in the kitchen and they stopped talking (a new attention getting method for those of you taking notes) and stared at me. Just to prove my point, I farted again.

I don’t know why I have gas, as I’m apparently being starved to death with a combination of the new Canidae food and the bland food that Mutatoe had to eat (but we didn’t, so I have no idea why we’re getting it), so you would think that my stomach would be full of bland things and not able to generate energy let alone gas, but for some reason... I’m gaseous.

To change the subject, the humans are once again (futile I know, but they are stubborn) trying to grow grass in my back yard. Its fun watching the human woman spread the seed all over the barren moon-like ground that’s full of holes. We laugh at her and roll in the grass seed. I hope that I’ll sprout a nice lawn in my fur and prove to her that she can grow grass everywhere but the back yard.

Of course you are suppose to water after you throw down grass (I read that on the bag, apparently the human woman either can’t read or she’s lazy... we all know the answer to that one), but they never water after they throw the grass seed around. They expect it to rain and self water, which is another reason why we don’t have grass back there. The main reason being that the three of us dig it all up the moment it sprouts, but that’s neither here nor there, the other reason is that when it does rain it washes the seeds to the back of the yard and we usually get a nice fertile lawn in the shed back there.

So, its business as usual around here. Human woman doing stupid things, we nap.



  1. For some reason I have a mental image of a Meeshkaesque chia pet! Ha rooo rooo roooo!

    Woo woo, KA

  2. My human woman use to try to plant grass every year at her old house too. It never grew either. Why do they keep trying?

    Bummer about the gas thing. That use to happen to me a lot too until my human started me on something called Fortiflora. Now my gas is gone!


  3. The Chia Pet thing khrakhks me up!

    As does PHbbbbbbbbb's fartiflora -

    Ha roo roooo ROOOOO!


  4. Now that you have gas, you should seriously consider reserving it for a car trip.

    That's the BEST!


  5. Grass? Oh, you mean that green stuff that used to cover the nice cool bare ground here. We removed it asap.
    (ha woo woo woo, good one, Khyra - "fartiflora"!)

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack "the Excavator" a-roo

  6. Meeshkapet! Ha roo! And definitely keep the gas for the car! But what is grass? I've never seen it!


  7. Meeka is the resident wind passer in our house. WHEW! He can clear a room pretty darn fast! Our Mom's doing the grass seed thing too. We enjoy watching the birds eat the seed as soon as she goes inside.


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